On Racism and the Arabs!

I have some thoughts of my own on Arab racism, which I have both witnessed and experienced first hand. More on this later. However, this doesn’t justify destroying Syria, even though I have personally seen mulatto children in Damascus doing some dirty work for merchants in the souks around Rue Sudan (ironic, isn’t it??).

Commentaries on the Times

  The chief obsession of the “Arabian Nights”


 Excerpt from an essay on my Debate with Chris Hitchens

Aside from my general concern for the plight of women under Islamic fundamentalist rule – a legitimate concern for the father of two bright, feisty and independent minded daughters – there is also the question of the deeply ingrained anti-black racism that runs throughout Arab culture.  In spite of the romantic fantasies of black American Muslims who identify with Islamic civilization, the fact is that while a few black men rose to prominence in Arab Islamic civilization – and Africans built empires based on an Islamic foundation – the general image of black men in Arab culture is as slaves and sex fiends whose prowess in the boudoir beguiles their women into committing adultery and thus makes them a threat to domestic tranquility.  It is a point of view…

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