Brief Thoughts on Modern Establishment Psychotherapy

I’m sorry if I don’t have time at the moment to publish extensive essays on the current worldwide political crisis. Actually I think I have said enough in previous essays concerning this crisis. There will be more comments to come, but for now I have taken a sabbatical to tackle this new novel. I have been planning and re-planning this thing for over six years and it is time for me to get moving on it.

In the meantime, I would like to post some brief thoughts on what some psychoanalysts and psychologists routinely diagnose these days as “Asperger’s Syndrome.”

I’m highly suspicious of a lot of modern psychotherapy/psychology. Much of these diagnoses of people’s varying personalities implies that somehow everybody has to be, more or less, the same: think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings, etc. The medical/psychiatric establishment (worldwide) would love to see less thoughtful, less analytical, less creative people, and more obedient automatons–so one should take great care when diagnosing a genuinely creative or highly intellectual person as “autistic.” Totalitarian/authoritarian regimes have always had an extreme hostility towards intellectuals. They have always labeled them “crazy” or somehow abnormal. Whereas in Pol Pot’s “Kampuchea” they merely took intellectuals out to a field and blew their brains out, in America/UK/Canada, etc. they can subtly misdiagnose an intellectual as “autistic” and “recommend treatment” for your “ailment.”

Having said that, I’m back to work on the shitty first draft.

Good night.


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