On the Unrelenting Horror that is the Third World

The so-called “Third World” is the biggest carrier of the disease of White Imperialism; in fact all of the sicknesses and taints of European thought and values, all of their lies, ignorance and stupidity, are magnified a hundred-fold in the so-called Third World. Third World does not connote anything positive. Third World is a by-word for everything wrong in the Universe.

The so-called Third World is obsessed with keeping alive all the old values of Queen Victoria, King Leopold, Cecil Rhodes, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and other imperialist scum while in the West, young whites are increasingly rejecting these same rotten values. Therefore the invasion of the West by uneducated and misguided refugees does not represent a positive browning of Europe; it does not represent any kind of “de-honkification”; if anything it is, ironically, a re-honkification of the Western World for reasons stated above. The refugee, in some respects, is even more of a white man than the contemporary European, depending upon his class and educational status. The refugee—to say nothing of the African, Arab and Asian elite—maintains white, honky values at their purest and most racist, because he or she has either not been properly educated, or the education they have received is generally Westernized, or—most likely—the minds of too many of these refugees have already been contaminated with bad Western ideas and values. When they are educated, it is invariably a cracker education since the so-called Third World has not even attempted to revolutionize its own educational systems; they have not even thought about creating entirely new and improved systems of education that may rival or even surpass Western systems.

The task of the Third World, upon liberation from Western Colonialism, was to build an entirely new set of civilizations–NOT to serve as vassal states, or appendices or apprentices to the rotten white First World. The task of Africa, Asia, and Latin America was to create a viable alternative to Western Civilization. Instead what we got was Europe on steroids, but in blackface–and still more or less owned by Europe and/or America. What we got was more of the same white, honky bullshit, but dressed up to look “African” or “African-American” or “Brazilian” or “Indian” or “Nigerian” or “Vietnamese” or “Chinese” or even “Romanian” (if you can call Romania Third World, which it practically is in many respects).

The end result of a Saudi bombing in Yemen, 2016

Please note: Nigger and Honky are two flip sides of the same coin, and always have been. Scratch a nigger and you will always find a honky bleeding.

Is it any surprise that the Third World is completely fucked, and will continue to collapse just as the First World continues its own implosion? This author is not. He has not seen it all but he would naturally assume that the so-called “Third World” would belly up when the West bellies up, because Third Worlders suffer from a horrible dependency complex. The election of either Trump or Hillary will essentially spell the end of the West as we know it, as the US is the leader of the alleged “Free World” (free for those who can afford it, of course). And since your average Third World big shit lacks ideas of his own, we should expect the Third World to ape America once again. They always do, and without fail. Every single US-influenced nation will probably take Trump’s lead and elect a lunatic dictator.

If this happens, the bulk of the blame for the ensuing Armageddon must naturally go to the Third World. Because they represent the lion’s share of humanity; because their nations are in desperate need of retooling in every conceivable area, they hold the responsibility of reshaping world civilization; they hold the responsibility of holding the greedy and war-profiteering capitalist West in check. Their primary responsibility is to THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

End result of a Muslim jihad in Thailand, 2008

Instead, they have repeatedly shirked this responsibility and served as hand-maidens, butlers, shoe-shine boys and prostitutes to Europe and America, often literally: Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, DR, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia and countless other so-called “Third World” nations are nothing but cheap brothels for the Developed World.

Morally speaking, these people are arguably worse than the average European or White American. The bulk of the blame for their moral degeneracy, naturally, must be placed on the shoulders of the Third World middle-classes and elites, who (with few exceptions) are the nastiest and most disgusting human beings ever to walk planet earth. They already have their own Hitlers; they have yet to start a World War. Unfortunately, that possibility cannot be ruled out, as nobody in the world seems to have the balls to try and stop them. The Indonesian elite, the Malay elite, the Rwandan elite, Congolese elite, Tunisian elite, Libyan elite, Egyptian elite, Nigerian elite, Chinese elite, Afghani elite and the Brazilian elite (just to cite a few of these respective horrors) can’t be criticized or exposed.

Of course not. There is no genuine intellectual tradition among these elites, short of sodomizing scholars, or baking students in ovens or simply forcing intellectuals into exile, into isolation in the West. Many of these intellectuals are themselves fraudulent, of course.

In the end we don’t have a new world, we don’t have a new civilization or any new way of thinking; just a bunch of ugly, dirty cities that look like a bunch of rotting projects; just illiteracy, disease, rudeness, vulgar tribalism, insanity, war, open sewers clogged with shit, rotting carcasses and flies. We have a return to feudalism and the bloodthirsty spirit of Neanderthal Man in blackface. The white man loves it, because it serves to make him look far more civilized and cultivated than he actually is. Every second the white racist whines about niggers and gooks but that is really just a part of the fun: dim-witted coonery and monkeyshines has always been a hot-ticket item for fat Western tourists.

The next great revolution should not be against the West, believe it or not: it should be against that stinking monstrosity the so-called “Third World,” the West’s loathsome half-castes; the half-Westerners who do the white man’s dirty work and who (as we should see) are indispensable to the success of the Western imperial adventure. For every redneck singing “Dixie” there are a hundred niggers, gooks and spics providing the back-up harmonies. They think the redneck is God. Without these spineless bastards, white supremacy would be defeated in a matter of months.

2 thoughts on “On the Unrelenting Horror that is the Third World

  1. Reblogged this on A Black Writer in Berlin and commented:

    In light of recent revelations about contemporary slavery in Libya, I am reblogging this post. It does not specifically deal with the issue of racism/slavery in North Africa, but since Libya is yet another half-assed “Third World” country, the argument still applies in full force.

    Many of you reading this may wonder why I chose to attack the poor, struggling “Third World” in this piece rather than focus my animus upon the West which continues to exploit them. After all, the French (and possibly the Italians, British and of course the US) are the invisible hand or hands behind all of this lunacy in LIbya and the rest of the so-called Third World. Well, I’ll tell you why. Without the complicity and silence of both the phony leaders and intellectuals of the Third World (as well as the obnoxious disorganization and passivity of the people in each of these nations), the West could not continue to what it does in the Third World. China could not wrap African nations around its little finger if the African leadership had balls. They don’t have balls. It’s self-evident that they don’t. There is no use whining and bitching about assholes like the president of Kenya for allowing child prostitution to flourish in Nairobi, or why the president of Tanzania allows for half-caste scumbags (usually self-designated Arabs or Indians) to push local people around and treat them like dirt (this might be hearsay, but I doubt it). They are not going to change because they have been carefully reared over decades to lick the feet of their designated masters, and play the role of “simple, happy African” to outsiders who insist that they are subhumans.

    The African elite’s lukewarm response to the crisis in Libya is a perfect case in point. It is entirely analogous to the lukewarm response of so-called Arab leaders to the brutal persecution of Palestinians in Israel. For decades fake Arab leaders have shown themselves to be totally incompetent in dealing with Israeli-Zionist fascism…but again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They haven’t even bothered to adequately educate their own people and are no less obsequious to white Western redneck power than the Africans are. For the African American leadership, all of the above applies. Honestly, in my opinion, they are some of the most vile, ignorant, fat, greasy, disorganized and pussified people on the entire planet–a waste of space. Look at old Andrew Young, that shriveled-up old relic from a bygone era making faces on camera as he discusses a fucking KUMBAYA MOMENT with Donald Trump! You call that clown a fucking LEADER?

    Kenneth Patchen once wrote that he hated the poor. However, he added an important caveat: he hated the poor OUT OF HIS LOVE FOR THEM. Patchen was not some milquetoast SJW pussy like the kind who infest American universities and shitholes like Berlin. Rich liberals and conservatives alike just love the fucking poor because they themselves have never been poor, they have never been down there in that hell, mentally and spiritually braindead and overworked down to the bone. Patchen had, and so have I. I am now poor but I do not have shackles on my mind like The Poor, therefore I am not of “The Poor.” To be poor today means to be the slop jar of the New World Order, to shine the fucking shoes of that order, to take it in the ass from that Order and to look away when bullshit is being perpetrated in Libya, Malaysia (another nigger-hating cesspool), India, Venezuela, Brazil (which is heading towards the alt-right in baby steps), Zimbabwe and everywhere else. To be of The Poor means that when you are getting fucked, you must sing praise songs to your tormentor and actually believe it.

    Is this racism? Well, yeah. Racism against a very old, very vast and invisible race of people. They’re known as the Asshole Race.


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