Why modern architecture is so hideous.

I agree 100%. We need new art, new architecture, new forms of expressing ourselves. The twentieth century is over.

I want to write in a short while about how disgusting modern art and architecture is. But for now here is an old essay from 2010 (not mine).

Archi Alternative

Michelangelo. St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome| eternal beauty

Le Corbusier. L’Unite d’habitation, Berlin | modernism

Nobody. Nothing. Everywhere | new world order

At least 90% of all architectural projects nowadays are an absolute crap aesthetically. If we exclude architecture of ultra-ambitious, mega-rich, half-totalitarian regimes such as Emirates or China that number will probably jump to 99%… Think about it! In our wealthy puffed up Western culture only 1 out of 100 buildings worth something in terms of pure beauty and universal harmony.

No one talks about it officially. But everyone knows it. A widely known secret, so to speak.

Modern architecture sucks! Sucks big time. Every barber knows that.

People hate it.

People don’t accept it.

People just don’t dig it, yo…

Wow! Could be a nice refrain for a rap chorus…

Now keep in mind please, I am a professional architect, a modern guy who likes high-tech gadgets, avant-gardе…

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