So what’s new?
Just a thought: if Trump and his Legion of Doom carries out its wacko agenda, then rest assured that all these Red PIll white Alpha Males will be completely sex-starved within a year, or less. The women of the world are going to fucking close their legs to these pussy-grabbing cracker pigs. (Except, perhaps, in Eastern Europe.)
As they should.
Of course, this might make them even more violent.


We are honoured that our own Carlos Latuff was ranked with the best …

This is how the world’s best cartoonists are reacting to Trump’s victory



With a mix of angry humor, barbed irony, and total disbelief, political cartoonists around the world are sharpening their pencils to illustrate something that can’t be explained in words: President-elect Donald Trump.

While some cartoonists are focusing on Trump’s misogyny, others are using their skills to highlight the racism and nativism that ran through his campaign. In most cases, the cartoonists are challenged to make the U.S. look more cartoonish than it’s become.

Many of today’s cartoons reflect a deep concern about the immediate future of a country that for centuries has been a beacon of democracy and freedom for those fleeing authoritarian regimes and economic chaos.

This is from Belgian cartoonist Lecctr

From Holland’s Hein de Kort:

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