On Racism, Facebook and Me!

From the most esteemed Playthell Benjamin of Philadelphia, PA.

Commentaries on the Times


The Racist Bitch that Insulted our first Lady
 How Does Facebook decide which comments are Unacceptable?

Today Facebook removed a post of mine and blocked access to my account for three days because they say my post violated community standards!  Well, I protested this action and requested that they tell us what action they took against the West Virginia officials who posted this offensive racist attack on our First Lady., and what is their policy regarding white racist posts on Facebook?

I think that Facebook SHOULD police offensive comments on their site, along with quickly detecting and removing bogus “news” sites.    And if I had just attacked these women out of nowhere, if they had committed no offense against anyone on FB, I think their action against me would be justified.  But under these circumstances I think FB’s response was excessive.  Pammy called FLOTUS a “gorilla” and I…

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