On Donald the Clown!

Worth a re-read, as this was written by the great Playthell Benjamin….in 2011.

Commentaries on the Times

The Loud mouthed Jackass who would be king

A Triumph Of Vulgar Materialism?

Recently one of the night time comedians put up pictures of American businessman Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung Ill and asked: “which one of these guys has the strangest haircut?”  It was close; six on the one hand and a half dozen on the other, as my grandfather used to say.  Both of them are some silly looking buffoons!    But that’s not all these two mugs have in common: both are megalomaniacal autocrats; both are bullies; both live in vulgar opulence while many of their countrymen are engaged in a Darwinian struggle to put bread on the table; and both are enamored with celebrities in the entertainment world.  The biggest difference between them is that one is the head of a government and the other it’s not.  And we must do all that we…

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