Why Are Americans So Primitive?

I just had this thought concerning Americans a moment ago, and decided to Google something about the obvious but largely unspoken primitivism of Americans. When I say “primitive” I am not referring to Native Americans or so-called “Indians,” but that big fat gang of lard-asses that eats hamburgers, hates niggers, Mud-slimes, spics and fags, and thinks universal health care is “Communist” and “un-American.” These savages currently occupy the White House and run the entire American establishment from top to bottom. They also define what is “real” and what is “not real.” They’re also the enemies of mankind.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Paul Handover, from Learning From Dogs, a commentator of this site asks: “Your essay, Patrice, clearly depicts your views towards Western religions but here’s a question: why do so many Americans embrace Christianity in what one might describe as almost a fundamentalist manner? For such a forward-looking nation in so many ways, this aspect has puzzled me for some time.”

Both aspects are related, the religious primitivism, and the charge forward. Metaphysics, like other things meta, is primarily to address down to Earth questions. Literally:

God Given! Let the USA Bless God. Alleluia. God Given! Let the USA Bless God. Alleluia.

[Don’t You Ask How We Got All This.]

The USA is like a horse with blinds: it is forced by its masters to pull a heavy load, and devices around its head do not allow it to look sideways. Not looking around and questioning is fundamental. Sitting in a café’, and chewing the world for hours…

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