Racist Cartoonist A Wyatt Mann

Jim Goad, resident intellectual hitman for Taki the Greek’s lousy excuse for a web-zine (find it yourself if you want a good puke), has a new book out entitled “The New Church Ladies.” Essentially the book is an updated version of Celine’s BAGATELLES POUR UN MASSACRE and Robert Shufeldt’s “THE NEGRO, A MENACE TO AMERICAN CIVILIZATION.” I am currently preparing a review of Goad’s silly collection of rants and raves, but for the time being, try not to puke (or punch your screen) when viewing these vile artworks–made by the same cunt who designed the cover for Goad’s book. His name is NICK BOUGAS, aka A. Wyatt Mann.

The Daily Shit

Will the real White Man stand up?

A Wyatt Mann is the pseudonym of Nick Bougas, an underground filmmaker and death-enthusiast who was besties with the likes of Anton LaVey, totally dug Charles Manson (probably still does), and according to many sources, has a devoted gal pal with the unlikely name of Sandra Weinberg – could it truly be that a guy who once devoted himself to extremely anti Semitic and ultra racist cartoons lives in Georgia (one of the Southern bastions of White Crackerdom) with a Jewish woman? Does this mean that A Wyatt Mann has changed his nigger-hating, kike-detesting, gay-loathing, feminist- bashing, Asian-despising, and Latino-abhorring ways?

Trolls pretty much ruined the reputation of political cartoonist Ben Garrison, who for some reason became the victim of an online smear campaign the likes of which I have never read nor heard of until this morning. Many of Garrison’s cartoons…

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One thought on “Racist Cartoonist A Wyatt Mann

  1. Note: on further examination of “The Daily Shit,” I find some anti-Semitic and crypto-racist posts which lead me to doubt whether or not the author of this blog really is a light-skinned black American woman. Maybe she is, but posts like “Gentiles: WAKE UP!!” (ironically coupled with anti-Trump screeds, which I have no objection to) are very Stormfronty. Semitic racism/imperialism notwithstanding, one need not be reminded that Negrophobia and anti-Semitism go together like ham and eggs. And as a matter of fact, clever quotes from Adolf Hitler and his henchmen, and “Slavery’s Legacy: Black Victimology” smell like Richard Spencer’s unwashed panties. So is “The Daily Shit” really just another alt-right honky or half-breed with mental issues? I can’t say with certainty. However, I’m clever enough to read between the lines on this blog. The writing is not that great and a lot of it seems to be aping my own style.


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