Postcards from the Devil: Andrew Anglin–in Nigeria

The following is an account of Andrew Anglin’s improbable exile–in Lagos, Nigeria.

BY Andrew Anglin, himself.

Andrew Anglin is a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth alt-right psychotic.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yeah. I know.



Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

CNN recently doxed me as living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, this is a backward, somewhat savage place, but it is also one of the only countries on the planet where I can avoid being consistently harassed by law enforcement and antifa “street enforcers” because of my political views. There is no immigration enforcement in Africa, and I regularly cross borders without having my passport checked. If you need to avoid ZOG, it is actually not a terrible place.

While the Jews say that every racist is pure evil and just blindly hates skin colors for no reason, I in fact get along well with the Nigerians I live amongst here in Nigeria.

In fact, they love me.

The fact that the world’s number one racist hater feels safest in a totally black country where pansy antifa would pee their pants as soon as they got off the plane is something that should give even the densest liberal pause for thought.

Where Andrew Anglin lives: “This is my neighborhood. The streets can be a bit exhausting.”

If a Nigerian asks me what I do, I tell them that I run a website promoting the interests of the White European race, and they do not need further explanation, as the concept of promoting one’s collective racial interests makes natural sense to them. They certainly aren’t offended by the idea, and when I explain to them that I live in their country because my own people will harass and attack me for defending them, they say, “Orisirisi, they don kolo,” meaning “That’s a mess. They’ve gone insane.”

They agree with my views that races are fundamentally different from one another.

They also find it funny when I refer to the country as “Niggeria” and them as “Niggerians.” They have various jokey terms for white folk (they call us oyinbo), and it’s all in good fun. If a white person is an idiot they will call them mugu.

In actual fact, Nigerians who leave on these boats to Italy are despised by the locals here in Nigeria. They are deeply ashamed at the horrible behavior of their kinsmen who go to Europe.

They are especially disgusted by black men who lust after white women, believing this practice to be unnatural and sick. They believe it can bring a curse on a man’s entire family for generations. However, they do believe that white women seduce their men, and I am not certain I can disagree with this. Some of the women working for NGOs here are absolutely perverted whores, and there is also a European female sex tourism industry (though Nigeria is not a top destination for this, it certainly is a cheaper option than many). The Nigerian men who service these women are called something that translates into something like “borrowed filthy disease-ridden street dog.”

Nigerian intellectuals (yes, that is a relative term, but it is a thing, sort of*) are typically of Yoruba tribal stock and regret the end of colonialism and the wretched state the nation fell into when the white man left.


None of these Nigerians are talking about how they used to be wuz kangz until whites stole their civilization.¹ That is 100% a belief of the kiked-out American Negroid. (Note: see pictures at bottom.)

The lower races naturally want to look up to us, to serve us, to learn from us.

This is the order of nature, and it is the default if you don’t have Jews.²

Anglin: “The British only left in 1960, and older people remember them fondly. They liked learning from more evolved beings.” (See picture below)

*You’re wrong, you schmuck. A “relative-term” Nigerian, Wole Soyinka, won a Nobel Prize. Plus you forgot about Chinua Achebe and Teju Cole (a Nigerian-American), to name just two “relative-term” Nigerians who are “just a thing” in your head. I won’t say “mind” because it’s obvious that you don’t have one. 

And speaking of Nigerian “intellectuals”–the writer of this footnote, though African-American, is largely of Igbo (Nigerian) descent. Not Yoruba. So shove it, cracker.

¹Typical flabby pseudo-intellectualism from an alt-righter. Apparently he never read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, and knows nothing about Nok, Igbo-Ukwu, Ile-Ife, Benin, etc. Now that some Nigerian house niggers are sucking his dick he’s gotten even more soft-headed than he ever was before. 

²Igbos are technically the Jews of Nigeria, dipshit. Mazel tov.


UPDATE: The REAL Reason Why Andrew Anglin is Now in Lagos!

Young Congoid Mee-Maw

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