Privilege: The Intersectionalising – New Card Game From PD

This is for all you pseudo-lefties and armchair “Marxists” who find yourselves stuck in Williamsburg, Portland, Seattle, Asheville, Lisbon, or even Berlin, and can’t think of what to do with your useless lives at the moment. Play “Intersection.” It’s fun. It’s also a complete waste of time, but at least it provides a comfortable illusion that you are actually changing the world for the better (not to mention confronting the swinish AfD krauts, the Lega Nord greaseballs, the FN frogs or the alt-right crackers in the USA). We all know (those of us with some balls, anyway) that you love to hyper-theorize about anything and everything under the sun, that you are uptight, puritanical, cowardly, spineless, drug-addled, stupid and generally of no use to anyone seeking true change. Why? Because you don’t want it. Change comes at an extremely steep price, a price your fat behind can’t afford. It’s safer for you to wallow in self-contempt and stuff your face with junk food, getting fatter and fatter in the process, implicitly seeking approval from the “dominant” society–a society you belong to yet insist that you do not; you want the “dominant” society to accept you as you are, 350 pounds, skrillex haircut, unwashed behind, genital warts and all. You refuse to see that you, leftist hipster, are the flip side of the same coin that has Milo’s ugly face on it. So forget it. Get out of politics, stop the silly slut-walks, the useless marches, and junk your safe spaces…

Wait, scratch that last one. You’ll need a safe space to play “Intersection.” Recommended for kids 18 and up.

Proletarian Democracy

Select a lefty journo card and do Privilege Battle with the opposition’s choice. The player with the least privileged journalist on the 14 axes of privilege wins the round. Hours and hours and hours of argue fun!

Go on. Click to enlarge. Go on. Click for large version.

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