“They don’t even serve for procreating”: In Jewish club, Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, the “Brazilian Trump”, infuriates Afro-Brazilians with comments on black quilombo communities

What happens when you put a Nazi in a room with 300 blind Jews?

A clusterfuck scenario like the one below.

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: As this blog is specifically focused on issues of race with a focus on the experiences of black Brazilian women, the subject of today’s post shouldn’t have much relevance. But in fact, surprisingly, the name of Deputado (Congressman) Jair Bolsonaro has appeared on this blog quite a bit due some of his jaw-dropping outlandish statements that always manage to piss off one group or another, be they women, black people or the gay community. In fact, as pointed out in a previous article, the Rio-based politician has been hailed in various websites as the “Trump Brasileiro” (‘Brazilian Trump’) in reference to the new president of the United States.

trump brasileiro “Bolsonaro is the “Brazilian Trump”, says foreign sites – The federal congressman Jair Bolsonaro is the subject of newspapers and sites of international news that signal his probable candidacy for the presidency in 2018″


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Richard Spencer & “Alt-Right” in full retreat/collapsing TRUTH behind Spencer ceasing College Speeches

It’s too soon to celebrate the alleged death of the alt-right. Nature abhors a vacuum, you know.


Kyle Bristow, major Alt Right Attorney QUITS Alt Right & shutters Alt-Right front Foundation

Spencer’s College Front/Organizer Cameron Padgett walks as well

“FMI (Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas) will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will                                 be dissolved,” – Kyle Bristow       Editor’s Note FMI website has already been shuttered

kyle-bristow-from-twitterRichard Spencer (Left) & Kyle Bristow (Right)

Attorney Kyle Bristow resigned from the “Alt-Right” and as the executive director and cut his ties to a Macomb County Michigan-based group that calls itself the “sword and shield” of the white nationalist, alt-right movement,  the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI)  “FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced…

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