Bomber’s Hit List is Trump’s Enemies List!

The latest from the great Playthell Benjamin of Harlem.

I would also like to add a few notes concerning the Orange Bacteria. When an idiot such as Trump sees fit to attack Democratic donor Tom Steyer–one of the recipients of the 13 pipe bombs sent by super-Nazi gabagoogoo Cesar Sayoc (no offense, but I had to go there with this walking cancer-cell)–as being “deranged,” then it’s high time we at least pray that this Fungus-in-Chief has a massive stroke while at the wheel with Mike Pence. Yes, Steyer belongs to the useless Democrat party but it gets a little uglier when you realize that Steyer was the one who fingered Kevin McCarthy, yet another little Jew-baiting motherfucker (and another Irish-American fascist) who attempted to delete an anti-Semitic tweet shortly after the massacre of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday. It seems that Trump continues to talk in code to his far-right constituency. Obviously he cares fuck all about the 11 who were massacred in Pittsburgh, and his coldly disingenuous remarks about “security” after the shooting stirred up much outrage. Of course, everybody knows that deep down, he got his jollies at the shooting–so much so that he had to say something about it. (When two elderly blacks were shot by another extremist screwball in Kentucky, Trump typically had nothing to say.)

(Irish-American fascists infest the country like termites. Along with the Southern Rednecks, Italians and white Cubans, they tend to be the most extreme and most insane of all the fascists in the fucking nation. Hannity, O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, Pence, etc., etc., there’s way too many of them in the country. Aodhan O’Riordain was more or less right to dismiss them as fascist trash who lost their way. For every Eugene McCarthy there were dozens of Dead Rabbits, blackfaced minstrels and nigger-knocking paddies who lynched blacks, Chinese, Jews, Italians, Puerto Ricans and other non-Aryans…in cop uniform and out. Of course, this is not to let the Italians off the book in this regard, nor any other group (blacks included) which has served as the shoe-shine boy of White Supremacist shit.)

Yet in a really perverse way, it’s a blessing in disguise that Trump is now in the White House, that he gives a thumbs-up to shitheads like mafioso wannabe Greg Gianforte, Gavin McInnes (another you-know-what) and his Proud Boys (strange name for a bunch of redneck closet queens who can’t get an erection without a trunkful of Viagra tablets). Trump has done more to expose the total rottenness at the heart of the American political establishment than all the previous presidents combined. The damage that the Establishment is suffering as a result of Trumpism is irreparable.

Commentaries on the Times

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Trump’s Symptoms of Malignant Narcissism and Paranoia

The best proof that the major media is not the vicious antagonist that Trump claims they are is the mealy-mouth pussy footing way they are responding to his tweet in the aftermath of the bombing plot. For instance, any serious attempt to explain the irrationality of Trump’s tweet should logically begin by referencing the diagnosis of Trump’s mental maladies provided by alarmed psychiatrists who signed the “Duty to Warn” statement; which has now reached 70, 000!

The mental health professionals tell us that Donald J. Trump, the Moscow Candidate who became president of the US in an election rigged by the Russians – which many knowledgeable observers believe is the reason why Trump is so uncharacteristically deferential to Putin – is suffering from Malignant Narcissism and Paranoia. All one need do is check out their descriptions of…

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