Here he is, folks, everybody’s favorite fascist fuckwit…whose ascendancy to the highest seat of Brazilian power coincides with the burning of the nation’s national archives, the loss of indigenous languages (and a hole in the national memory, to be filled with more idiotic telenovelas, more dope, more racism, more white supremacist greaseball idiots like the bitch I ran an intellectual train on earlier this year)–and still more tragically, the loss of Brazilian lives to drug cartels and maniac cops. Bolsie’s job, of course, is not to reign in either the cops or the killers, but cut a deal with them so that his hold over the country (and, eventually, what’s left of Venezuela) can be further consolidated. 

What’s next? The wholesale destruction of the Amazon rainforest, naturally…leading to the eventual termination of all human life on earth…thanks to our old pal Bosie, proud descendant of Portuguese settlers and all-around wise guy who glorifies dictators and hit squads, and who would rather string up his own son than see him kiss another guy on the lips. Bosie…A helluva guy.

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American Book Award-winner “NATE” Being Reissued in November, 2017–on Kindle

American Amazon apparently doesn’t think that “Nate” should be read by anyone, so here’s the link for Amazon UK.

Buy your copy today for only 1.44 Pounds Sterling.


A Black Writer in Berlin

From Ishmael Reed: “I enjoyed reading NATE so much that I read scenes to anyone within hearing distance. P. Lewis is an original talent whose English cuts through a lot of contemporary BS like a butcher knife. His characters don’t give a flying F- whether you feel for them or not. It’s important that a powerful novel such as this surfaces at a time when the black lit. scene is being smothered by a lot of dumb frivolous chick-lit and down low scribbling. Anybody want to know where the kick-behind black male literary tradition of Himes, Wright, John A. Williams went? It’s alive and well in Berlin.”  

From Darryl Dickson-Carr: “A brutally funny novel satirizing diverse subjects from American military misadventures, African-American cultural politics, to the chaos of contemporary American life. Like the protagonists of Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust or Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the eponymous hero…

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From Abagond, about Bergen-Bolsonaro’s dumb ass. More on him later.


Bolsonaro in Minas Gerais on September 6th 2018, right before he was stabbed by someone on a mission from God. (Via VOA News)

Jair Bolsonaro (1955- ), a Brazilian congressman from Rio, is running for president of Brazil in 2018. Opinion polls show that he is likely to win the run-off election on October 28th.

The Brazilian Trump: Like the US Trump, Bolsonaro:

  • Admires Donald Trump.
  • Is far-right and proto-fascist.
  • Says nice things about dictatorships.
  • Wants generals in his cabinet.
  • Deeply divides the nation and even families.
  • Makes openly racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and misogynistic comments. Therefore:
  • Is heavily favoured by Whites and Evangelical Christians.
  • Is running as a supposed outsider who will shake things up and clean up government.
  • Accuses the press of fake news – while well-financed supporters busily spread fake news on the Internet.
  • Wants to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • Wants to…

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