Today hasn’t been so bad–at least in comparison to the previous week, which saw the usual spike in Euroskeptic fascist bullshit (with which French fascists attempted to intervene in the petty-bourgeois Yellow Vest riots) and the steady stream of radical racist rubbish (mostly White Supremacist) coming from the United States. Modin of India is in trouble; Matteo Salvini, unfortunately, is not (he has just ordered dozens of refugees out of Italy on Human Rights’ Day, like the pig he is). We haven’t heard much from Bolsonaro but I’m certain that he is still complete trash.

Trump, on the other hand, appears to be on the ropes. Yet even if he is removed the world still has to deal with born-again Indiana clown Mike Pence. The world also has to deal with William Barr, Trump’s latest pick for Attorney General and a literal throwback to the 1600s (he’s obsessed with “sexual immorality,” a red flag for anyone who’s had to deal with these hypocrites in bathrooms and bars). The mainstream press is saying that Barr wishes to derail the Mueller Probe. Well, no shit.

On a lighter note, however, James Alex Fields–fat four-eyed nerd, Nazi incel, murderer, self-hating Jew (something that nobody discusses, as if non-Aryans can’t be raving Nazi screwballs: think of the disproportionately large number of hapas who have been discovered to be hardcore fascists)–has been sentenced to life plus 410 years. This is nice, but we still have Andrew Anglin and the rest running around out there trying to start some shit. We still have fools like Taki, Jim Goad and Stephen Spencer trying to start shit (through, a magnet for fascist pseudo-intellectuals). We still have Gavin McInness with his stupid hipster beard and handlebar mustache.

And then we have the colonialist mainland Chinese to contend with in Africa, as well as Bolsonaro. Like I said, it’s “nice” that Fields has been snuffed out. But that’s one idiot down and millions left to go.

More commentary is coming soon. I’m going through the usual stupid hustles and haven’t had time to write anything.

A Black Writer in Berlin

The following is an account of Andrew Anglin’s improbable exile–in Lagos, Nigeria.

BY Andrew Anglin, himself.

Andrew Anglin is a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth alt-right psychotic.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yeah. I know.



Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

CNN recently doxed me as living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, this is a backward, somewhat savage place, but it is also one of the only countries on the planet where I can avoid being consistently harassed by law enforcement and antifa “street enforcers” because of my political views. There is no immigration enforcement in Africa, and I regularly cross borders without having my passport checked. If you need to avoid ZOG, it is actually not a terrible place.

While the Jews say that every racist is pure evil and just blindly hates skin colors for no reason, I in fact get along well with…

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Killing the Alt-Right

Reflections on the Violence in Charlottesville (August 13, 2017)

The original title of this essay was a cheeky reference to an old Bugs Bunny cartoon that some readers of my blog didn’t catch. Some avowed leftists were too triggered by its blunt language and irreverent tone to get the gist of what I had to say. One could have hoped that the catastrophe at Charlottesville — literally the American version of Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 — was merely a cartoon. It had all the violent elements of Tom and Jerry or Bugs and Daffy, only it wasn’t a cartoon and it certainly wasn’t funny.

“This is twenty people,” cried Emily Gorcenski, a transgender woman at a violent fascist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the night of August 11, 2017, “twenty people, standing against what is coming! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

The woman was outraged at the total lack of preparedness on the part of the so-called “left” on the night of August 11, 2017. The look of absolute terror on her face was undeniable. As usual, it did not register in the American imagination except as low comedy. “Antifa tranny has major meltdown after seeing how badly they are outnumbered,” The Saint Negro, obviously a fascist douche-bag, gleefully exclaimed. OG Redneck Moab, another fascist douche, chortled in response to the woman’s terror, “I can’t stop laughing!!”

“When fascism came back, forty people stood against hundreds,” Ms. Gorcenski continued.

Personally I think things are even worse than what Ms. Gorcenski said at that heated moment. Fascism came back in a myriad of clever formats. It had to if it wanted to be popular. Physical culture, dressing sharp, glamour and a free-wheeling attitude to sexuality were a few important ways that the alt-right managed to capture the imagination of bored white youths looking for alibis to express their racist and xenophobic views. The Alpha Male, Red Pill, PUA movement of the 2000s very easily took sides with the far-right for one main reason: Left-wing spinelessness.

The New Western Left tends to be prudish, snobbish and solipsistic. They are also self-righteous and whiny, and at times even hypocritical. These factors alone tend to push many potential allies away from their cause. In addition their sloppy appearance can leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth; if they are black they tend to be uncombed, shirtless, spaced-out Afropunks with a horrible propensity to cry buckets at the merest hint of a racial slur. And unfortunately, most of them appear terribly disorganized — at least in comparison with the rising alt-right.

Identity Evropa, to cite just one example is a well-tailored, clean-cut, masculine-looking bunch that looks as if they stepped out of the late 1940s. They appear to exude strength and resilience, right down to their cold, reptilian, psychopathic stares. The women of the alt-right generally are not fat, whiny slobs but slim and glamorous “ladies” like Faith J. Goldy and Lauren Southern — both alleged “authors,” and definitely fascists — the one being rather sly and shifty about her political affiliations and the other simply blunt and to the point about her fascism. (Note: Miss Southern is the author of Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed My Generation.)

Ryan Beitler, writing for Paste Magazine, says bluntly that “the alt-right is larger than you think, and violence is helping them grow.” Indeed. Beitler goes on to say that “(t)he people who associate with the alt-right aren’t just re-tweeting memes and pissing people off on the internet, they’re organizing to fight for their fascist future. Violence has not only emboldened them to take up similar means of political combat, it has strengthened their cause by making them sympathetic — and therefore appealing — to young people who slip down the slope of racist ideology.”

And sadly, the alt-right is successful largely due to its violence. The glamorous, edgy and sexy aspects of the alt-right are merely the icing on their stale angel food cake. The alt-right understands a basic principle that the tree-hugging white left and the black, Shea-butter “woke” crowd doesn’t: that Violence, with a capital “V,” is the primarily catalyst for historical change.

Peaceful protests do not move history. It’s a cold, hard fact. They don’t. There has never been a single instance in which a peaceful protest, or some sort of gentleman’s agreement, has led to significant advancements in the overall livelihood of homo sapiens sapiens. The reason for this is actually very simple. Human beings have yet to evolve to the point where contentious issues can be resolved by sitting at a round table and working out our differences, or by patting each other on our collective backs and telling each other, “we can work this out.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti, who by all accounts was not in the least violent, once said that “(t)he whole world is caught up in violence, in wars; the very structure of our acquisitive society is essentially violent.” In other words, we are all essentially born and bred and shaped in a civilization whose very foundations are built upon violence. Everything about it, and about us, is violent. The way we talk, not to mention our very vocabulary is saturated with violence. Our clothing, our handwriting, our sexuality, our way of walking, our way of eating, even the way we breathe is violent. Our antagonism towards one another runs so deep that we are not even capable of genuinely thinking our way out of it: “Surely, it is not a question of how one is not to be violent. The fact is that we are violent, and to ask ‘How am I not to be violent?’ merely creates the ideal, which seems to me to be utterly futile. But if one is capable of looking at violence and understanding it, then perhaps there is a possibility of resolving it totally.”¹

If only. Yet if we here in this decaying West are capable of observing and understanding the violence which infests the lives of so many of us — particularly those of us who are not white, and still more precisely those of us who are black — we clearly see and understand who originated it, where it originated and precisely which institutions are perpetuating it, and which social strata have been infected with it. To answer the last question, everyoneis infected — even the proponents of nonviolence. “When we obey out of fear,” writes Krishnamurti, “there is violence.”


Naturally these nonviolent protesters think they are taking Dr. King’s words to heart when they naively confront the alt-right. Naturally, they rarely, if ever, show up with bricks and clubs, let alone machine guns — unlike the alt-right, which simply doesn’t care what any of its members do to their racial and political opponents. The alt-right is not merely just another honky minstrel show; it’s a movement made up of psychotics and social deviants who clearly mean every thing that they say when they talk about killing — to use their words — “niggers, kikes, gooks, spics, mudslimes and faggots.” The alt-right has proven time and again that they are as willing to kill as they are to die for their goofy, antediluvian beliefs in a “white homeland.” Even the alt-lite, represented by scum like Milo, Gavin MacInness and Ben Shapiro, really aren’t kidding around. Milo really is a fascist, and a violent one, to boot. Milo does not have to put his velvet-gloved hands on anyone — all he needs to do is open his trap and speak. Of course, he believes in the First Amendment and all that crap, much like the rear-guard hacks at Infowars and Fox News do — free speech for himself and his species, that is; the rest of us, in his eyes, simply don’t count.

Neither Black Lives Matter nor their allies can really understand this; they do not realize who and what they are up against, for if they did they would have armed themselves with handguns (at the very least) before setting out to confront the alt-right in Charlottesville. Black “radicals” remain completely clueless as to the aims of the alt-right. They still imagine they are taking on a bunch of disaffected, toothless rednecks. The alt-right wants a Final Solution; meanwhile, our liberal Black leadership would prefer to persuade white racists away from their wicked ways: say, for instance, a social media Kumbaya moment with Jared Taylor — preferably over a cup of ginseng tea.

Unfortunately, they have picked the wrong moment in history to be “civil” in the face of fascism.

On August 12, 2017 black “radicals” — most of whom, quite tellingly, were female — were down in Charlottesville shouting profanities at the Nazis and chanting the usual “No Nazi scum” bollocks. I call it “bollocks” because to a hardcore Nazi these chants are merely amusing, like water off a duck’s back. They were lucky to have Antifa to back them up in the streets, for at least Antifa halfway gets the point concerning the alt-right. Nazis don’t understand the concept of nonviolence. They insist they do, but their entire ideology is predicated on violence and demands the use of violenceThat is why one protester wound up dead at the hands of the Nazis, and why the alt-right won yet again. (Yeah, they did. They won. Score one for the Nazis and score zero for the Black Lives Matter crowd.)

The writing is on the wall for the African-American and he refuses to read it. It is not hard to understand why the African American refuses to read it. It is not hard to understand why so many clueless young blacks will not connect the dots, and see the obvious connection between the killer cops and the alt-right’s kicking his ass in the streets. As for the latter, the cops and the alt-right are essentially on the same team — it has been well-established that the far-right has been infiltrating American law enforcement for decades, and that many, many cops who are not officially on the far-right are still, nonetheless, brutally racist towards Blacks. (Including, naturally, black, brown and yellow cops.)

As for the former — well, let’s be blunt. This spineless, soft little “Negro” is always willing to forgive his tormentor in the end. A perfect example of this spineless “civility” would be that dreadlocked black man embracing the Trump supporter who casually punched him in the face. Nazis the world over know this ugly truth about so many of us blacks, and have been quick to take advantage of it. What appears on the surface as a simple humility and dignified pacifism in the face of hate is generally nothing more than what Krishnamurti stated above: an obedience induced by fear — fear of the police, that is. Too many African Americans are essentially castrated psychologically; they feel they can only assert himself physically against another, weaker black or, at the very least, in the bedroom. Frantz Fanon was dead accurate in his assessment when he proclaimed that “the black man is not a man” and that he wishes he were “white.” Loaded down with an anachronistic colonial-era “double consciousness,” which most Africans throughout the world have long ago rid themselves of, this whitened African American — educated or uneducated — wants an “honest and forthright dialogue” with violent white supremacists — a la Cornel West, that master of dialogue and prayer vigils in the face of a rising Fourth Reich.

But no dialogue is possible with Nazis because Nazis lie. They lied from the moment they created their ideology, which in itself is merely a compendium of misinterpretations, half-truths and half-baked assertions culled from long-discredited texts — texts written by such spiteful men as Charles Carroll, Robert Shufeldt, Madison Grant, Gobineau, and even including such great European minds as Nietzsche, Voltaire, Kant and Schopenhauer. Nazis may be human but their concept of what makes a human is entirely limited to what they define as human — and we, by their definitions, simply aren’t human beings. Period. Nazi ideology only makes sense if one is willing to accept the idea that human hierarchies are natural and God-given. Of course, the current set of racial, ethnic and class hierarchies that exist throughout the world are entirely man-made, and upon close inspection are generally the product of (and are upheld by) spiteful men.

People are not born to lord it over other people simply because they have a different skin color or hair texture or nose or eye shape, or because they pray in a different temple, or because they don’t have dicks or don’t go to bed with someone of the opposite gender. Only children believe these things, and all racists are children, as James Baldwin once said. The fact that a bunch of white thugs are incapable of growing up and facing the responsibilities of living in civilized society is not our problem. Our problem is to protect ourselves against Nazis because they use any excuse to flex their perpetually tense muscles. They use any alibi to puke out onto us the insanity and confusion raging inside their skulls. There’s no question that they are psychotically violent. The only question now is why are we still treating Nazis with kid gloves. We know what Nazis are, let’s not fool ourselves. They are our enemies — period. After so many books, documentaries, films and other media have been issued detailing the inner workings of the Nazi mind; after Hitler, after Auschwitz, after King Leopold, after Mussolini, after Apartheid, after Jim Crow, after Pinochet — we, who supposedly understand just how horrifically destructive the ideology of white supremacy is, want to pull rank just when the alt-right is pulling out its bombs.

“It goes without saying that (Antifa’s) frustration is valid and tangible,” writes Ryan Beitler for Paste, “but the problem is that violence never effectively puts a halt to a political movement. On the contrary, it emboldens that movement to use the same tactics and gain sympathy from new supporters.” So it goes. The left is damned if it does something, apparently, but it is equally damned if it does nothing. Nonviolent protests (as we have seen) inspire their scorn but violent resistance emboldens them and encourages the alt-right to adapt ever more brutal tactics to achieve their insane goals. So far, not one member of Antifa has killed a member of the alt-right. You may say that violence is not the answer, and parrot that old shopworn homily that “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” But one has to understand that this is not 1961, nor are we dealing with British colonial authorities in 1933 India who, after all, made up a tiny minority in that nation and who did not have nuclear warheads at their disposal.

The fact is that we have every legitimate reason in the world to kill the alt-right. We don’t have to hate them to realize that we must kill them. We don’t even need to ask why we must kill them, for if we don’t kill them, they will kill us. It sounds hopelessly romantic, even corny, but it’s true. From a very practical standpoint, you cannot be complacent anywhere on this earth when the alt-right goes mainstream in the world’s only superpower. You cannot be complacent when Nazis worm their way to the top of the world’s political food chain. The last time we dragged our feet in deciding what to do with Nazis we found ourselves in a World War. If we continue to drag our feet today these Nazis will very soon be in control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Do we, as a species, as homo sapiens sapiens, really need to deal with that? Do we need to face our own extinction, simply because a handful of Aryan wannabes disingenuously insist upon their so-called “right to free speech”?


Fascists in America routinely get away with violence because they know that they have a clear field of it. Urban “gangstas” are too busy killing each other. Mainstream “minority” leadership wants to stay out of such conflicts altogether. Only Antifa and New-Afrikan communists and anarchists are seriously going to challenge them, and the latter are few and far between; when they do show their faces everyone is outraged and no one is more horrified at the prospect of black terrorism than the rank-and-file Black American. When Gavin Long, a radical black blogger and ex-Marine shot three cops in Baton Rouge last July, the entire Western press frothed at the mouth (as they usually do in these instances). Mainstream Black America frothed along with mainstream White America. It had occurred to few people that Gavin Long, terrorist or no, had merely flipped the tables on a notoriously violent and corrupt police department, as had Micah Xavier Johnson in Houston; neither man was a Mau Mau, let alone an Algerian fellagha or even Huey Newton. (It is worth noting at this point that both Johnson and Long were by-products of the U.S. military machine, and both had spotless backgrounds. Neither was a stereotypical pot-smoking, gun-wielding, illiterate “thug.” Both served their country with honors.) The late Micah Johnson and the late Gavin Long were “monsters” not because of their violent black chauvinism but because they had the temerity to commit “outrageous” acts against American law enforcement — “outrageous,” in Western minds, because neither Mr. Johnson nor Mr. Long were Green Mountain Boys or Sinn Fein patriots. To paraphrase James Baldwin, any black man who sees the world the way John Wayne sees it is simply “stark raving mad.” Of course, to be fair, the late white James Hodgkinson was also perceived as being rather “mad” for shooting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise; there was a bipartisan response in Congress condemning the attacks and well-wishing from all around to Representative Scalise — a homophobic bigot whose views chime very well with those of the alt-right.

To all of which I can only say — and to bring up Baldwin again — “people who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.”

Berlin, August 13, 2017