Today hasn’t been so bad–at least in comparison to the previous week, which saw the usual spike in Euroskeptic fascist bullshit (with which French fascists attempted to intervene in the petty-bourgeois Yellow Vest riots) and the steady stream of radical racist rubbish (mostly White Supremacist) coming from the United States. Modin of India is in trouble; Matteo Salvini, unfortunately, is not (he has just ordered dozens of refugees out of Italy on Human Rights’ Day, like the pig he is). We haven’t heard much from Bolsonaro but I’m certain that he is still complete trash.

Trump, on the other hand, appears to be on the ropes. Yet even if he is removed the world still has to deal with born-again Indiana clown Mike Pence. The world also has to deal with William Barr, Trump’s latest pick for Attorney General and a literal throwback to the 1600s (he’s obsessed with “sexual immorality,” a red flag for anyone who’s had to deal with these hypocrites in bathrooms and bars). The mainstream press is saying that Barr wishes to derail the Mueller Probe. Well, no shit.

On a lighter note, however, James Alex Fields–fat four-eyed nerd, Nazi incel, murderer, self-hating Jew (something that nobody discusses, as if non-Aryans can’t be raving Nazi screwballs: think of the disproportionately large number of hapas who have been discovered to be hardcore fascists)–has been sentenced to life plus 410 years. This is nice, but we still have Andrew Anglin and the rest running around out there trying to start some shit. We still have fools like Taki, Jim Goad and Stephen Spencer trying to start shit (through, a magnet for fascist pseudo-intellectuals). We still have Gavin McInness with his stupid hipster beard and handlebar mustache.

And then we have the colonialist mainland Chinese to contend with in Africa, as well as Bolsonaro. Like I said, it’s “nice” that Fields has been snuffed out. But that’s one idiot down and millions left to go.

More commentary is coming soon. I’m going through the usual stupid hustles and haven’t had time to write anything.

A Black Writer in Berlin

The following is an account of Andrew Anglin’s improbable exile–in Lagos, Nigeria.

BY Andrew Anglin, himself.

Andrew Anglin is a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth alt-right psychotic.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yeah. I know.



Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

CNN recently doxed me as living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, this is a backward, somewhat savage place, but it is also one of the only countries on the planet where I can avoid being consistently harassed by law enforcement and antifa “street enforcers” because of my political views. There is no immigration enforcement in Africa, and I regularly cross borders without having my passport checked. If you need to avoid ZOG, it is actually not a terrible place.

While the Jews say that every racist is pure evil and just blindly hates skin colors for no reason, I in fact get along well with…

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