Reposted from Abagond. Off the top of my head, I can’t say much about it right now because I’m up to my neck in other things at the moment (debts, possible eviction, etc.). But I might add that this squabble between native-born Afro-Americans and foreign-born blacks is nothing new. It was happening when I was a kid; it was happening when my father was a kid. In fact Harold Cruse devoted an entire chapter in his book “Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” to the on-going beef between Afro-Americans (Negroes at the time) and Caribbean blacks (West Indians at the time). For example:

“An anti-West Indian bias was implicit in some of the relentless editorial assaults in (A. Phillip) Randolph’s ‘Messenger’ against the Garvey movement, as part of the “Garvey Must Go!” campaign carried out by the American leadership. This campaign reached a high pitch in 1923…Randolph and his group were enraged by Garvey’s words and answered him in the ‘Messenger’ under the editorial heading, ‘A Supreme Negro Jamaican Jackass'”….

And on the flip side of the coin, from Caribbean blacks, Cruse noted that “once a West Indian gets to the United States he becomes critical of Negroes being exploited because they ‘don’t understand business'”….

All in all, it’s just another sad case of American history repeating itself in terms of the Afro-American vis-a-vis other ethnic groups.


Household wealth in Boston. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2015.

ADOS (by 2005) is short for “American Descendants of Slaves”, also known as American DOS, DOS or USDOS, etc. It means US Blacks who come from US slaves. About 90% of Black people in the US are ADOS. The term goes back to at least “America’s Little Black Book” (2005) by Norris Shelton. The term is being pushed on the Internet by Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell.


  • Nigerian Americans because few if any came from slaves.
  • West Indian Americans because they came from non-US slaves.
  • Non-Black people of colour, also not from US slaves. Note that many Native Americans were made into slaves, but their descendants no longer form a separate class in US society.
  • White Americans, many of whom have the blood of Black slaves in them – just ask James Watson – but have…

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