The Racism of Light-Skinned Arabs against Dark-Skinned People


Like in the past, this year’s Ramadan series featured scenes of vulgar racism against Afro/black Arabs.

BY Hana al-Khamri (from Al-Jazeera)

Hana al-Khamri is a writer and analyst based in Sweden. She used to work as a journalist in Saudi Arabia. She is also the author of the upcoming book  Female Journalists in Gender-Apartheid Saudi Arabia.

Arab in blackface

Egyptian TV series Azmi we Ashgal released during Ramadan featured a number of actors performing in blackface [Screengrab/Youtube/Al Nahar TV]

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are meant to abstain from food, drinks, smoking, sexual activity and offensive language.

Understandably, during this month, TV broadcasters across the Arab world tend to tone down programming and promote more family-friendly content.

Yet year after year, racist mockery and derogatory language against Afro/black Arabs and black African migrants make it to the TV screens of millions of Arab families gathered to enjoy TV series produced especially…

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