White Supremacist Feud Erupts After Augustus Invictus Allegedly Doxes Former Colleagues

And now for some good news. It is highly pleasing to observe these alt-right clowns (of whom I can write about all year long till I’m blue in the face) turning on each other.

I haven’t been able to blog for some time because right now, I’m too busy hustling financially to stay afloat in Berlin. From what I can observe of this place, it looks like the juice really ain’t worth the squeeze anymore. The hipsters, junkies, freakos, knee-grows, quasi-Nazis, and reactionary lumpen trash have flooded out what was left of Berlin’s bohemia. And forget about finding a flat here–finding a room these days (in Berlin) is even more difficult than finding an apartment here fifteen years ago! This subject requires a lengthy article, but I will probably publish the article elsewhere before posting it on this blog (primarily because I can use the money).

Some more good news. Most of mainstream Americans now agree that Trump really is an Orange Orangutan after all. (“Orange Orangutan” has even been picked up by Pastor Manning himself–yes, THAT Pastor Manning, the ultra-right-wing nut who once was second only to Jesse Lee Petersen in peeing all over New African people. Kudos to Gazi Kodzo for flipping the bird at that alt-right Tar Baby.) However, his impeachment only means that another ultra-reactionary clown (most likely Pence, the other half of the far-right “trumpence” that has taken hold of the country this past decade and a half) will take Orangina’s place.

Everybody keep an eye out next year for “The Unbearable Lightness of Being A Negro.” It will be available on Amazon. “Berlin Asylum” is also coming, too. I know there have been delays, but remember I’m in Berlin, a place where you almost have to KILL these days to get shit done. In a nutshell, it’s horrible. But there are other urban spaces in the world besides Berlin, so contrary to what hipster-junkies think, departing this place is certainly not the end and for a serious artist–depending upon where you move to–it might as well be a new beginning.

Angry White Men

Yet another fissure has erupted within the accelerationist fringe of the white supremacist community amid allegations of doxing, personal attacks, and financial mismanagement.

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