White Supremacist Feud Erupts After Augustus Invictus Allegedly Doxes Former Colleagues

And now for some good news. It is highly pleasing to observe these alt-right clowns (of whom I can write about all year long till I’m blue in the face) turning on each other.

I haven’t been able to blog for some time because right now, I’m too busy hustling financially to stay afloat in Berlin. From what I can observe of this place, it looks like the juice really ain’t worth the squeeze anymore. The hipsters, junkies, freakos, knee-grows, quasi-Nazis, and reactionary lumpen trash have flooded out what was left of Berlin’s bohemia. And forget about finding a flat here–finding a room these days (in Berlin) is even more difficult than finding an apartment here fifteen years ago! This subject requires a lengthy article, but I will probably publish the article elsewhere before posting it on this blog (primarily because I can use the money).

Some more good news. Most of mainstream Americans now agree that Trump really is an Orange Orangutan after all. (“Orange Orangutan” has even been picked up by Pastor Manning himself–yes, THAT Pastor Manning, the ultra-right-wing nut who once was second only to Jesse Lee Petersen in peeing all over New African people. Kudos to Gazi Kodzo for flipping the bird at that alt-right Tar Baby.) However, his impeachment only means that another ultra-reactionary clown (most likely Pence, the other half of the far-right “trumpence” that has taken hold of the country this past decade and a half) will take Orangina’s place.

Everybody keep an eye out next year for “The Unbearable Lightness of Being A Negro.” It will be available on Amazon. “Berlin Asylum” is also coming, too. I know there have been delays, but remember I’m in Berlin, a place where you almost have to KILL these days to get shit done. In a nutshell, it’s horrible. But there are other urban spaces in the world besides Berlin, so contrary to what hipster-junkies think, departing this place is certainly not the end and for a serious artist–depending upon where you move to–it might as well be a new beginning.

Angry White Men

Yet another fissure has erupted within the accelerationist fringe of the white supremacist community amid allegations of doxing, personal attacks, and financial mismanagement.

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Charles Bukowski: The Mathematics of the Breath and the Way  


img387Interviewer: What do you hold responsible for your success?

Bukowski: A brutal childhood, alcohol, half a dozen rotten jobs, a dozen rotten women, plus an overpowering fear of everything, plus a strange arrival of luck and bravery in sub-zero situations.

In this new collection of stories, essays, reviews, statements and interviews (compiled and introduced by Bukowski expert David Calonne) we read Bukowski meditating on writing: the experience of writing, how he judged writers, his writing process and why one could (and should) write. There are also a few unpublished items.

Charles Bukowski often thought about what writing was good for (and not) and which writers made it (and which did not). Writing was his occupation and trade. He did a lot of reading. He frequented libraries and read voraciously. Despite not finishing his college education he was familiar with the classics (verse, prose and drama) and the early Moderns, as…

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How Hausrecht provides as a cover for racism and discrimination in Berlin’s nightclubs

Looks like I have to write an entirely new article on what Berlin has turned into. From my vantage point, it is far uglier, far more chaotic and far more provincial (ironically) than I have ever remembered it. My final verdict on this city is that it is just a big, fat ghetto-slash-high school-slash-theme park-slash Altamont, attracting nothing but dysfunctional and deranged people acting out some weird personal fantasy they might have.


As party-tourism to Berlin has intensified, so has the pressure on nightclubs to preserve the atmosphere and maintain the right mix of people inside of their clubs. Hausrecht, which translates to ´right of the house´ allows private spaces like clubs to decide on who gains access and who gets denied. This has caused for a sequence of complaints as people feel they aren’t declined on a random basis, but on basis of race or sexual orientation. I spoke with electronic music researcher Luis-Manuel Garcia, organizer of Pornceptual party, Chris Phillips and Celine Barry of the Anti Discriminatory Network Berlin.

Berlin’s nightlife is known for its hour long queues, difficult to get into clubs and notorious bouncers. Getting into these spaces, isn’t always as easy. From a legal perspective, clubs are allowed to deny people on four bases: age, behaviour in queues, capacity and for the sake of the ‘concept’…

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Racial Reality: Black History Professor Rejects Afrocentrism

I am currently composing an article dealing with similar issues, though from a different angle. Personally I would like to factor in this whole idiotic romance that many middle- and lower-middle-class blacks have with the lumpenproletariat–particularly the most corrupted and irredeemable members of that class, the career criminals, gangstas and pimps, etc. The working title is “The Will to Be A Nigger.”

Modern AfroIndio Times

madamenoire.com_2016-06-09_11-39-44Racial Reality: Black History Professor Rejects AfrocentrismBy urging black Americans to seek empowerment in a misconstructed Egyptian history, Afrocentrists not only mislead, opening their students to ridicule, but they also assert that culture is “transhistoric” — that is, it can be transferred through time and space intact. Culture, Walker asserts, is always changing and will be different as a result of any transfer, willing or unwilling, on the part of those living it. African Americans have created a culture of their own — a culture of which to be proud, but not an Egyptian or African culture. To Walker’s way of thinking, Afrocentrism turns African Americans into helpless victims whose ancestors created a glorious culture and then for thousands of years accomplished little. They became the dupes and victims of Europeans, enslaved and exploited, and now their descendants must look to a mythical African past for purpose and…

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Tony Greenstein on Zionist Anti-Semitism

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Last Wednesday Tony Greenstein, a veteran Jewish opponent of racism, Fascism and Zionism, put up on his blog a piece about how Zionists resort to anti-Semitic rhetoric when attacking their Jewish opponents. He made it very clear that this was because, in his view, anti-Semitism was at the very heart of Zionism.

The Hate Mail Directed at Jenny Manson, Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein

Greenstein began his piece with some very nasty examples of Zionist anti-Semitic hate messages sent to himself, Jenny Manson, the chair of Jewish Voice for Labour and Jackie Walker. Manson was left a vile message on her voice mail calling her a ‘f***ing Nazi bitch’, ‘Nazi cow’ and ranting that she should be burned in a gas oven, and should burn in hell, in acid. He points out that this disgusting rant mixed the Zionist accusation that non-Zionists are Nazis, with the real Nazi abuse that…

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Another Synagogue Shooting, This Time It’s In California — BROTHA WOLF

From La Moderna Epoko (The Angry Indian).

If I haven’t been posting my own material lately, it’s because severe financial difficulties are making it almost impossible for me to compose anything. I know it’s off-topic, but there’s not much more I can do at the moment except send out an SOS for donations to bail me out of debt, and help me find more stable living conditions.

My Paypal address (in case anyone cares) is bamabound21@juno.com. Please send what you can. (No, this is not a joke. This is in earnest, which–given the details of the Passover shooting below–is definitely not a fucking joke at all.)

Coincidentally, I stumbled across the very letter that the shooter, incel maniac John T. Earnest, wrote and posted online. Since I do NOT promote fascist and alt-right bullshit on this blog, I am providing the link to the letter below. Unfortunately the link is to the Daily Stormer, the alt-right’s New York Times.


Below is an excerpt from the letter. Bear in mind that this is what literally millions and millions of so-called “good white people” actually believe about anyone who isn’t white, especially if they are Black.

To the true anons out there (you know who you are). You are the product of /pol/—the product of unadulterated truth. You are my brothers and the best dudes out there. You are the most honorable men of this age. Despite all odds against you, you not only discovered the truth but also help to spread it. Some of you have been waiting for The Day of the Rope for years. Well, The Day of the Rope is here right now—that is if you have the gnads to keep the ball rolling. Every anon reading this must attack a target while doing his best to avoid getting caught. Every anon must play his part in this revolution and no man can be pulling his punches. This momentum we currently have may very well be the last chance that the European man has to spark a revolution.

Despite this—I’m not worried. I have complete trust and certainty that all of you after reading this will begin planning your attack on the enemy—and you’ll attack again, and again, and again—until either we win, or we die. I know you will do this because you’re true anons. You’re White men. I’m not worried that the whole world is against you. I’m not worried because you are the greatest race that our God has created—it is our duty to keep this world from falling into darkness. White men will not let God’s creation be corrupted and destroyed by the Jew without a fight. Remember your honor White men.

More than anything I wish I could’ve seen your faces and fought alongside with you on the battlefield.

Give them hell for me.

Give. Them. Hell.

—John Earnest

This idiot* is 19 years old, has everything going for him (apparently) and yet still feels the need to take up arms against “The Jew.” Dylan Roof was another one. The imbecile who shot up the mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, was yet another one. Stephen Paddock was yet another one, as was the lunatic who gunned down 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, six months to the day that Earnest carried out yesterday’s rampage.

Not all of them are white; James Polite, who defaced a synagogue in Brooklyn with racist scrawls, was Black, and was apparently inspired and motivated by Farracon’s speech about “Jewish termites.” Candace Owens, the alt-right’s mammy, is dark enough to get a pass from all the melanoid-crazed Hoteps and “woke” Negroes on YouTube. This dumb chick thinks Hitler would have been fine had he kept his national-socialist foolishness in check–within the confines of the German Reich.

*Note: I referred to Earnest as an idiot. Many people will disagree with this statement, as Earnest is apparently very articulate (though what he articulates is extremely dangerous) and is also a well-trained classical pianist. He sees himself as being inspired by the likes of Martin Luther (of Germany, not of USA) and Beethoven. After watching a video of him run effortlessly through Chopin’s Fantazja-Impromptu–and bearing in mind what he had done yesterday after four weeks of premeditated insanityone can sadly say that even musical geniuses can be enemies of the human race.

Modern AfroIndio Times

From the LA Times: A gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle walked into a suburban San Diego County synagogue and opened fire on the congregation Saturday, killing one person and injuring three in an attack that authorities believe was motivated by hate. A 19-year-old was arrested in connection with the shooting, authorities said. The gunman entered […]

via Another Synagogue Shooting, This Time It’s In California — BROTHA WOLF

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On Why Black Artists Are Dying Too Soon—The Real Epidemic

From Nicholas Payton’s blog.

Nicholas Payton


We have reached a dangerous place in our society when we have to play nice and say things in such a way as to not to offend anyone. Yes, it’s important to be kind and sympathetic towards others, but not at the expense of our own health and wellbeing. As a person who’s spent decades on the front line of protecting our culture, I’ve often received flack for the way I choose to voice things. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, if you had just said it differently, your message would be better received,” or “Great points, but you lacked clarity.” Everyone wants to sit on the side and say how one should or shouldn’t do something, but have they done the work? Are they the ones putting themselves out there?

If you have all of the answers, you do it. Nothing is stopping any of…

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