Black power jazz and the cultural shifts of the 70s

This essay oversimplifies the earlier eras of Jazz music (particularly in its discussion of the transformation of 20’s small-band Jazz to early 30’s saccharine “hot dance” music, the precursor to White commercial swing) but is still a solid read in regards to the later developments of avant-garde Jazz from 1960-1980.

On Criminals, Losers, and Suckers, and How NOT to Deal with Your Enemy in Ten Easy Steps

“In case you didn’t notice, we’re being governed by armed thugs, criminals and traitors, who would as readily shoot you as spare you if it serves their purposes. This election is your last chance to save yourself and your family. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. Not even a bit.” —Lawrence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor and Constitutional Expert

Yes, I know I haven’t been keeping up with all the events that have been taking place since the beginning of this year. It’s 2020, after all. People have been talking about how much of a clusterfuck this year has been. We all want this wretched year to end soon. Unfortunately it seems that 2020 may prove to be nothing more than a prelude to the decade to come. In which case, I might as well wait until the smoke clears from all the protests, “riots,” insurrections and other mayhem to offer any comment on what is happening.

Speaking of “riots” and “mobs”–the Orange Baboon himself is a one man riot. This thing currently occupying the White Bunker (because now it’s not just any old White House) has been increasingly candid about his true feelings towards his colonial subjects. It turned out, after all, that Dump put up only a handful of slabs of his precious “Border Wall”–the same anti-jigaboo Berlin Wall he’d been blabbing off about since his first Presidential campaign back in 2016. All those millions he’d allegedly allocated for building the Wetback Wall ended up in some honkie’s pockets–Steve Bannon, I think, was his name. (Yep, it was. Bannon was recently arrested for sticking a million of the Boogie Wall’s funds into his back pocket. And where did all that money come from? Not Mexico, as Trump insisted it would come from.¹)

Dumpie also knew perfectly well that COVID-19 was extremely dangerous from the outset. Instead of warning his subjects, he deliberately downplayed the dangers of COIVD-19 because he didn’t want to “cause panic”–a flimsy excuse if there ever was one. (You don’t have to take my word for it–listen to the recording. This will bridge a credibility gap in reader’s minds not accustomed to my salty language.)

After this huge gaffe on Trump’s part, it should be relatively easy to connect the dots concerning his overall behavior. What seemed strange and out-of-kilter should now be fairly obvious. It’s not that Trumpy is “unpatriotic” (and at this point in time, quite frankly, there’s nothing to be patriotic about concerning the U.S., seeing just what it’s truly made of, and built upon)–he IS a patriot: towards his Americans, and his concept of what America is.

HIS America does not even include the soldiers who lost their lives defending it. These guys were clowns, losers and suckers who were stupid enough to believe that picking up arms to “defend democracy” was a noble idea. (In reality most of these kids were simply drafted into the wars and had no real say in the matter–not that Trump gives a shit.) In a very sick, twisted way, Trump (ironically) was actually correct when he referred to the fallen soldiers as “suckers.” Why? Because these soldiers were naive enough to believe that they were fighting on behalf of a Democratic society. Even if they were white–and most of them obviously were–they still thought that, being white and male, they had a seat at Uncle Sam’s table. But as it turns out, they didn’t–not really. As rank-and-file white men from the white labor aristocracy (and usually the bottom end) their place at White Daddy’s table was not an honorable one. It only appeared to be so for those of us outside the White Caste.

From within that Caste, White Daddy’s table was set up to serve precisely those it was intended to serve since John Hancock put his fucking signature on the Declaration of Independence–that is, wealthy, white bourgeois men primarily of Northern European stock. The same rule generally applies though a steep decline in Northern European ethnic stock since 1776 has made it necessary for White Daddy to expand his definition of what an Aryan is. Today, rich Italians, Poles, Jews, Greeks, Irish, and some coloreds sit at the table with Uncle Sam (aka White Daddy) and reap the fruits of Mexican, Salvadoran and prison (read: black) labor. For their ilk, the country really is a democracy. It wasn’t always so, but through unspecified “hard work” these non-Aryans were able to take their place at Uncle Sam’s table and eat (while the rest of us starve or drop dead of COVID-19). Those on the dirty end of the table are drunk on the delusion that they are a part of Sammy’s clique. To them, the rank-and-file whites and wannabe whites, this delusion is enough to get them through their pathetic, useless lives. Heaven help them if they ever wake up from their fantasy and discover that Uncle Sam always despised them–as “losers” and “suckers” doing the white kakistocracy’s dirty work.

These are not your friends.

Wanna Fuck Up a Movement? Here’s How!

It is becoming increasingly clear by the day that this orange-faced freako is dangerous, deranged and narcissistic. “It” is probably much worse than any of us can possibly imagine. We are talking of a creature who has even less culture, less tact and less overall knowledge and education than that one-balled Austrian half-caste who wound up starting a world war and destroying most of Europe. We are talking about a monster who puts his money on Kyle Rottenhaus, a 17-year old SS wannabe who roams city streets killing whom he thinks are “untermenschen.” There is a strong possibility that it will refuse to leave the Bunker when it loses the upcoming election (assuming that he will lose or that there will even be an election) and that the military may have to unseat him. And seeing that its followers are obvious maniacs (possibly even more maniacal and diabolical than it is) any attempt to toss Dumpy out on its orange ass come January, 2021–once again, assuming Dumpy loses–will be met with fierce resistance from them.

What does this mean? It means, in layman’s terms, that no matter who wins in November we are facing the strong possibility of a violent coup. A revolution, in other words. It may not happen, but sadly it has happened here before, several times over, so there’s no point in losing one’s mind over the prospect of a national–and by logical extension, global–Fourth Reich.

So having come to the conclusion that the current occupant of the White Bunker is essentially a psychopath, a Nazi thug and hardcore criminal–what does one do next?

In order to fight the Enemy (yeah, I said it–do you think that that Orange Blob is your FRIEND??) one has to have a clear head. One has to know exactly what one is up against and exactly what one’s goals are in defeating the Enemy. 

I will not waste any space deciding how one is to go about getting rid of the Alt-Right. I already stated three fucking years ago that they needed to be killed, and some readers thought I’d lost my mind. (Today the article seems a lot tamer when you consider that even The Nation, a perfectly respectable liberal-left-wing publication, is calling America a failed state.) But I was right. So what does one do–or, rather, what does one not do?

0. See the kid in the above image? That’s Keedron Bryant. Please, for the love of Christ, do not do what he just did. Don’t sing in front of a bunch of fat, burger-scoffing bigots about how much you want to live. You are not convincing these clowns of your humanity. Their minds were made up centuries ago. Besides–and seeing precisely what you are up against as a black person in the US, it makes you look weak and simple-minded. White supremacy doesn’t give a shit about your pity parties.

But if you insist upon not fighting white supremacy the way one should, then I highly recommend that you belt it out before Dumpy, right on the White House lawn. And also do the following:

  1. By all means, do put together a so-called militia made up of alleged army veterans (who don’t know the first thing about handling assault weapons)–and lead them deep into the jungles of America’s shitholes. Make sure their leader is a failed DJ, psychopath and liar who believes in crackpot Hotep theories and whose every other word is a profanity.
  2. Whenever cops, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, 3 Percenters, the Ku Klux Klan, Antonio Batista, or Andrzej “Zip-a-dee” Duda show up in your spaces, remain unarmed, unprotected, and always naively ask them why they are there. And always tell them that you love them. If you can’t do that, then argue with them. They like that. And when demonstrating, be sure never to carry first-aid kits, never to carry concealed weapons for self-defense, never wear protective gear such as gas-masks, etc. And always put yourself in harm’s way by NOT dropping immediately to the ground whenever the shooting starts. You’ll look real cool and fly with your head staved in from a rubber bullet.
  3. Waste your energy in Afrocentric idiot’s babble; become a Hotep, the cult-nat version of the white alt-right. Be like “Doctor” Umar Johnson and cry about melanin and all that shit, while at the same time scamming your customer base to pay for your sex-trips to Thailand, Brazil, The Philippines, Hungary and other places. In addition you can also ride the ADOS train. And while on the ADOS train, don’t forget to stop over in Intersectionality-Land. That’s important.
  4. As per the above (aka Intersectionality): Please make careful distinctions between yourself and other oppressed and persecuted peoples; always emphasize the fact that since you are non-binary sexually speaking, you have more of a say in the “rEvoLuTiOn” than those who are not. Always emphasize the fact that because you are more “melanated” (read: darker-complected) than the person standing next to you, you are actually MORE black and thus even MORE qualified to be a true “rEvoLuTiOnArY.” (And please ignore people such as Milo Yiannopoulous, Candace Owens, the late Herman Cain, Doja Cat, and that horse-faced, cross-dressing white racist shitstain with his basketball-dunking colored boyfriend.) 
  5. Remember that a “real” “rEvoLuTiOn” is built purely on raw emotion, fantasy, rage and what-not. Don’t ever plan anything. Moan, bitch, argue, split hairs, back-bite. Brag about your fucking background, whether you come from the upper-middle-class or the so-called “streets.” (Especially the latter, because we all know that being a so-called “street person” automatically makes you a revolutionary. And by all means bully anybody who doesn’t belong to your stupid little clique {please pronounce as “CLICK” to sound as stereotypically negroid as possible, because the”rEvoLuTiOn” is a minstrel show, can you dig it??}.)
  6. Forget about discipline. This is especially true for American lefties. Don’t worry about all that shit. Revolutions are supposed to be fun. Revolutions are entirely spontaneous. True revolutionaries do not enforce rules of any kind. Discipline is just, like totally fascist, dude. Get drunk; get in petty fights over dumb shit. Smoke weed, sniff coke, crank, meth, bath salts, etc.; inject all kinds of crazy shit into your veins or stick it up your ass in suppositories (yeah, W.S.B.). And if you feel like it don’t prepare yourself and your group for dealing with future conflicts with violent far-right terrorists, which leads us to
  7. Over intellectualize everything.  The revolution is on paper. It’s about talk, about theories, about the academy. See number FIVE. You still have a stake in the system even though it is crumbling before your very eyes. Don’t make any preparations just in case the far-right terrorists totally freak out and try to annihilate you based on your color or sexual preference or religion or nationality. It’s just not that bad. In that case, you should not be reading anything P. Lewis has to say, because he’s just a headcase–a “butt-hurt Negro,” as some old mammy put it a few years ago.
  8.  Most importantly, never study your Enemy. Always moan and groan about how awful they are and how powerful and impregnable they are. (Low morale is important, you know.) Never learn the history of the opposing team. Never learn of their weak points. Always assume that they can beat you and if you are black, always use that as your iron-clad alibi (Because BLACK = WACK). 
  9. In reference to number EIGHT, always assume that the Enemy’s views of you and your culture are more valid than your own. Always assume that the Enemy is always right and you are wrong (because he/she is white, powerful, famous and has a lot of, you know, cash and shit). The Enemy is really your friend because he/she lives on the same block or the same apartment building as you do, or might even be a member of your family.
  10. Don’t do a goddamned thing. Continue to believe that a future conflict is not in the making, and that this whole conflict will die down within a year or two, and that COVID-19 will just magically go away. By 2022, everything will be just like it was before 2014 or even 9/11/2001. After all, the Enemy said so. 

¹The money came from “losers” and “suckers”–you know, your average American taxpayer.

Race, Gender, and Their Intersection in Music Theory

I had already written a few things about racism and music, specifically the so-called “J-Word” (Jazz) and why the name is inappropriate, in my view. From what I’ve heard of Herr Schencker, he sounds like a nasty piece of work: racist, woman-hating, nigger-baiting anti-Semitic old fogy (and a self-hating Jew), and I’m glad I didn’t waste my time trying to study “music theory” while learning how to compose music.

Fortunately, neither did Duke Ellington. I am NOT going to compare what I’ve attempted to do musically to Duke Ellington, but suffice it to say that he refused to enter any musical academy because he was far more keen on creating a New Afro-American (or in the language of the time, Negro) music rather than regurgitating tried-and-true Western styles. Some critics (I can’t remember them off the top of my head–this thing is being written likewise) took Ellington to task for his supposed inability to write sufficiently coherent longer works (such as Black, Brown and Beige). This is a matter of opinion. Duke’s Tone Parallel to Harlem is a monumental work whose length is well above the standard three or four minute jazz ditty. There are plenty of changes in tempo and to my ear, it is perfectly coherent. (As long as one stays away from Luther Henderson’s train-wreck of an arrangement of “Harlem.”)

I have a soft spot for Ellington’s longer pieces. To me they are more laudatory (even if some of them, such as the early “Creole Rhapsody,” are somewhat shaky and flimsy in spots) than the classical works of William Levi Dawson, Florence Price, Edmond Dede and William Grant Still. Ellington, in eschewing so-called “classical” music theory (and all the fascist snobbery inherent in it) set out to create his own forms and set his own musical values. This is not to shit on the late Florence Price or Grant Still, but their monumental achievements were done within a European (specifically, German) framework. The same holds true for Aaron Copeland. Wonderful music, but it is American music filtered through the sieve of Austria.

Music Theory's White Racial Frame

Historically, American music theory officially recognizes five (and only five) foreign languages to fulfill PhD requirements: Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and German. Thus competency in these languages has been required in U.S. graduate music theory programs. In top-down fashion, all remaining languages are othered such that, if a student wants to use a different language to satisfy the language requirement, some kind of dispensation must be granted—I was given such a dispensation for Russian as a grad student at Yale in the 1990s—so as to keep the structure of the five official languages intact. The requirement to be able to translate into English two or more of these core, which is to say white, languages is a racist policy born of the racist idea that white persons are superior to POC. Music theory’s white racial frame believes that the only foreign music theoretical works worth studying were written in…

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What have the Africans done for Sicily?

Interesting post.

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

Africans are so often portrayed as the underdogs, nowadays, that we sometimes forget they conquered southern Europe twice and ruled it for centuries.

The Sicilians don’t forget, though, for the Africans invented pasta as we know it, shaped their language and gave them the word Mafia, and brought them their citrus fruit trees, taught them to make dazzling coloured ceramics and founded street markets that still flourish like chaotic souks in central Palermo today.

The Capo market in Palermo, founded by Africans over 1,100 years ago. The Capo market in Palermo, founded by Africans over 1,100 years ago.

The first wave of Africans were the Carthaginians. Carthage is now Tunis, in Tunisia. They spoke Phoenician, a Semitic language related to Hebrew, and were a cultural and ethnic mix of colonists from Lebanon and indigenous African Berbers. They never ruled Sicily without a fight, but first started founding cities here in the 8th century B.C. and always had a foothold on the island…

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The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, by Frederick Douglass

Here we are in the year 2020 and nothing has changed for the better since I last posted this piece. Trump and his SS Goons feel so emboldened that they are openly using Nazi iconography on T-shirts and baseballs. The police are still gunning people down. In Florida (among other places) they (cops) laugh and crack jokes about it. Seattle’s CHOP has been broken up–in fact, it never amounted to much except a lot of “revolutionary” hot air and posturing.

The phony shea-butter petty-bourgeois “woke” crowd is still dick-riding off the mass movement in the streets. It has been successful in reviving BLM (partly because they are not nearly as snobbish and exclusive as they were four years ago) by capitalizing on ordinary black people’s anger. (Some are getting rich off of this new grassroots rage.)

It does not really care about the sufferings of ordinary black men and women and prefers to blow smoke up the asses of their own respective cliques. (No, this is not a veiled reference to Black trans people, though some fake “woke” negro types have used their murders as an alibi to shit on all of us. For instance, a few days ago Dominique Fells, a black transgender woman, was murdered by Akhenaton Jones–some colored closet case. His goofy-ass name speaks for itself: another whacked-out cult-nat.)

And in other bad news, 27-year old Samantha Shader of New York–some fucking so-called “revolutionary” (really a cynical adventurist left-hipster asshole)–attempted to frame some “blacks” (or “schwartzes”) for her firebombing a NYPD car. Shader claimed that some “blacks” (or “schvoogies”) gave her the materials to make a Molotov cocktail. Actually she got the materials from Timothy Amerman, 29 years old and another cynical, phony left-hipster adventurist asshole.

I am reposting Frederick Douglass’s speech because I think it should be read every Fourth of July–as a reminder that in real time, nothing is really happening here; NOTHING IS REALLY CHANGING. Jim Crow is still here; he just changed his name and put on a fucking costume.

A Black Writer in Berlin

The following post is being made on the 155th anniversary of the deliverance of Frederick Douglass’s speech, “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro.” The full speech (and not just the well-known excerpt erroneously entitled “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”) is shown below. I did not post anything on the 4th of July–not out of spite, but because my mind was elsewhere. I haven’t even thought of, much less celebrated, this rather pointless holiday for many years. When I was a kid, July 4th was a time to go out and see the fireworks with family.  Today it’s just another day for an expat writer, watching his country fall apart from the vantage point of a neoliberal halfway house that somehow imagines itself to be “tolerant” and “multicultural.” 

Even the most casual reading of Douglass’s text will show one that very, very little has changed–in…

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Black Mathematicians Not Wanted?

Would America “love” this man more if he was a fucking rapper or baller?

The answer is obvious.

Americans are so obsessed with old-time “colored” stereotypes that they would rather die or go blind rather than have a black doctor save their vision or their lives. And forget about a black physicist or black mathematician. The very thought of a black man being able to do calculus is enough to make many American brains explode.

Books You Can Read & 3 Docs You Can Watch Instead of Exposing Yourself to the Reactionary Lies in the “Hidden Colors” Films

I am posting this as a temporary rejoinder to all colored reactionaries and cult-nats (now called “hoteps”) who are still stuck on melanin theory and all that other rubbish. My own views will come a bit later. Suffice it to say that even at this moment, the cult-nationalists still have far too much sway over intellectual discourse in Black America.

Decolonize ALL The Things


So I have been thinking about writing this post for a while & now I’m finally getting to it.  In light of a lot of people paying attention to the extrajudicial murders of Black men in the news (& all the Black women being murdered by both the police & Black men but I see the reactionary cishetpatriarchs are ignoring that) a lot of people are open to trying to find out more about their Blackness, our history, and understanding how we got to where we are today.  Unfortunately reactionary cishetpatriarchal Black men & Black women are taking advantage of these interests & are directing many to hegemony painted in Black.

So in light of these misinformation campaigns, I decided to list out key texts on understanding race, ethnicity,  & how white supremacist racism works as well as some ACTUAL documentaries that do a way better job at providing historically accurate…

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“Do you see me?”


Do they see us?

A better question should be: do these people even want to see us?

Senator Corey Booker seemed on the verge of tears as he pleaded on the Senate floor for white America* to actually recognize him as a human being. It was deeply impassioned, highly moving–I have to admit that I almost shed a tear–yet in the long run utterly unnecessary and even pointless.

“America,” Senator Booker cried, “I love you. Do you see me? Do you see me? Do you know my experiences? Do you know the failings of our ideals?”

“Being Black in America is to know that a misunderstanding, that an implicit racial bias that an interaction that should be everyday and routine can become a moment that your life is turned upside down, your body becomes broken or you are killed. It’s why so many Black Americans scream out: ‘Do you see me? I do not have your equal justice under law. Do you see me? I do not have justice for all. Do you see me? I matter. I matter. Black lives matter. Black bodies matter. America, I love you, do you see me?”

Senator Booker, the answer to the above question is, quite simply, no. White America does not see us, sir. They never did, and never wanted to. For them to truly “see” us would be bad both for their business interests, and for the stability of this so-called “Great Experiment” of theirs–this massive historical fraud they call the United States of America.

But what you have wrong is your insistence that this white blindness is a failure on the part of white people to live up to the ideals of this American “Experiment.” Nope. Totally wrong. This white blindness (and our subsequent invisibility) is an integral part of the American Experiment. It is entirely by design.

In actual fact, the historical erasure of the African from Western Civilization (and from humanity) laid the very basis upon which American “Democracy” became a possibility. Who the hell else was going to pay for this White Man’s democratic paradise, but our own black bodies?

Senator, this is not hyperbolic bullshit. This is a stone, hard fact. It is precisely what it is, and nothing more or less. Otherwise, Ralph Ellison would never have had to write Invisible Man.

Sir, we are visible to this bloody country only so far as white assholes (and their colored flunkies) see us (benignly) as window-dressing or (more dangerously) as threats. In their sick, depraved minds, we are worse than escaped monkeys from a zoo. This is precisely how the white American views a so-called “African American” who turns up in some fucking white space. This is not hyperbole; this is fact. The death of James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska, at the hands of Jake Gardner, a fascist who owns a nightclub/bar called The Hive, is proof positive of that. (Gardner was not arrested, of course.)

We are not permitted to function in their spaces, sir. Period. The laws of the land don’t mean shit as far as we’re concerned. That is how the fucking country is set up. That is why your white countrymen keep on fucking it up. They don’t want real democracy in the United States. They definitely don’t want Socialism, unless it’s National Socialism (of course).

White America will embrace every single thing under the rainbow before they even think about looking an African directly in the face. If they had the option of actually nuking their own shit (or, God forbid, even the world) they would do that without even thinking about it. America has already gone fascist; it has been fascist since its inception, and long before the first bullet was fired at the Boston Massacre in 1770. All this insanity, all this blatant stupidity, spinelessness, cowardice and brutality has been implemented simply to avoid dealing with the reality of New African humanity.

There’s a reason why these whites and coconuts are so hopelessly blind. For white people to deal with the implications of George Floyd’s death, they would have to deal with his humanity. They can’t. Which largely explains why Mr. Floyd (along with Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Terrence Crutcher, Tamir Rice, and countless others) is dead. It also explains why it was so easy for a monster like Officer Chauvin to so casually choke the life out of this man. Officer Chauvin, like untold millions and millions of white Westerners, simply did not see George Floyd as a human being. PERIOD.

The minds of men and women like Officer Chauvin have not evolved since the end of the 17th century. The European settlers in North America at that time saw Africans as no more than beasts of burden. Their descendants have not changed. Let’s not kid ourselves, though: these whites know good and goddamn well that George Floyd was not a cockroach. These whites simply have to lie to themselves repeatedly concerning the truth of what a Black person is. Too cowardly, too close-minded and spineless to deal with the bare, blunt realities of human life–the main reality being that a Black person’s life has precisely the same value of a white person’s life–these white bigots have had to retreat into a fantasy world. (Call it Disneyland, if you want, because Disney is bigger than fucking Epcot Center.) The sad part of all this is that the rest of the world is being forced to share in this white man’s political, social, sexual, cultural and moral fantasies.

One of the white man’s most infamous fantasies is something called The Negro. The white man concocted this Negro to justify enslaving, dehumanizing and killing Africans. Enter most of your fucking “philosophers” and “thinkers,” among them Voltaire, who judged “Negroes” to be not much better than apes. (The Negro Ape trope was actually stolen from the Persians and Arabs, long-time white skin fetishists and brutal slavers in their own right.)

The more “humane” European “thinkers” (like Arthur Schopenhauer or Jean-Jacques Rousseau) found this reasoning to be too extreme and decided that the African was not an animal, but a harmless child of nature. Simple, child-like, rhythmic, emotional, sexual and above all, primitive, a noble savage. (The same logic was used on the Indigenous American, which naturally did not prevent his genocide–and at the hands of the very same people who called him “Noble.”)

In America, the Founding Fathers made a moral compromise in their beloved Constitution and decided that the African actually was not an ape–but was not entirely a man, either. So Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Company decided that the African was merely 3/5th of a man. (No question as to what they thought of African women: we already know.)

Because the whole business of reducing Africans to mere commodities had severe moral repercussions, the African gradually had to be ignored or silenced altogether. On the plantations, the African was silenced with a whip or with his tongue being cut out. In the world of letters the African was marginalized altogether and bigoted white men spoke in his place. The image of the African began to shape up along the same dumb tropes, time and again–the image of the savage cannibal, the buffoon, the gorilla, while talk on streets of London, Paris, Dresden, Leipzig, Philadelphia, Charleston, Amsterdam, Madrid and other Western cities complimented the world of letters.

The African, thus shorn of his humanity, became a Negro. And not just one kind of Negro but several kinds, both benign and deadly.

The benign negro (comparatively speaking) was a simple, primitive being devoid of intellect,¹ only good for laughter, music, sex, and some groovy good times. You know, the funky, down-home darkie, a creature never to be taken seriously by anyone and only to be seen in his properly designated social space–on the vaudeville stage (preferably in blackface) and in a nightclub or bar, sax in hand, wailing out earthy, primitive music for whitey to get drunk or high to. Or in a whorehouse.

The deadly negro was but the flip-side of the benign, comical negro. This was the negro whom whites labeled bete noire in French and a black buck in English. The mean, brutal, bloodthirsty, coked-out nigger (according to white fantasies) looked and acted like an ape. He wanted to rape and kill white women and destroy white property. In the real world this so-called “black brute” generally did not resemble the fantasy image that white perverts had of him, but he was a “brute” just the same: not because he committed crimes (he generally did not), not because he “raped white women” (he usually was not interested) but because at bottom, he was impatient with his inferior status in Western society and wished to function as a human being.

Here we have it, Senator: two flip sides of the same coin, the coin of a white, Apartheid Western world. The last bit of currency left over from the Civil War and indeed the oldest coin in circulation. It was minted in 1619.

White America will not see African Americans, but it will see the Negro. The Black person must not only present himself as an inferior being; he or she must also function inwardly as an inferior being. The African must hold his true feelings in check, eliminate any sort of behavior or appearances that will trigger white (read: anti-African) outrage. This Black person must stay out of white spaces, out of white institutions, out of white textbooks, out of white neighborhoods, out of white pictures, out of the halls of white culture save for those rare exceptions where an individual or group of Africans functions precisely in those ways that Westerners find “acceptable.”

“After the Egyptian and Indian, the Greek and Roman, the Teuton and Mongolian,” W. E. Burghardt DuBois writes, “the Negro is a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with second-sight in this American world, — a world which yields him no self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. One feels his two-ness, — an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder. The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife, — this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. In this merging he wishes neither of the older selves to be lost. He does not wish to Africanize America, for America has too much to teach the world and Africa; he does not wish to bleach his Negro blood in a flood of white Americanism, for he believes—foolishly, perhaps, but fervently—that Negro blood has yet a message for the world. He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without losing the opportunity of self-development.”²

As a person, the Negro does not exist at all. We never had anything in common, really, with this “Negro,” this ridiculous social pantomime we’ve been forced to play out on the stage of Western history; we’ve only acted as monkeys, coons, Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas, bucks, jezebels, niggers, nig-nogs, minstrels, Sambos and other such foolishness to keep from ending up with knees on our necks, like George Floyd. The real tragedy is that far, far too many of us have taken this Negro pantomime for our true selves.

Education and learning (for Africans) had to be discouraged for a reason. Anti-intellectualism, religious quackery, the jock mentality and blatant stupidity (brilliantly manifested in contemporary “hip-hop”) was actively encouraged by the dominant white society as a way of keeping the old myths of The Negro alive in the African mind. I call it policing the black mind–for unless the black person actually sees himself like his white cohorts see him, the Negro cannot be said to actually exist.

“In the colonial context,” writes Frantz Fanon, “the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man’s values. In the period of decolonization, the colonized masses mock at these very values, insult them and throw them up.”

Meaning what? Meaning that–in order for the African American to learn to truly love himself again, he has to jettison the Negro in himself. And by rejecting The Negro, by default, he is automatically rejecting America. He must reject America. That is how it is, Senator Booker. You just can’t love America. Not only does it NOT love you, at bottom you CAN’T love America any more than an abused child can love a gaslighting, narcissistic parent.

Our white “parent” demands that we keep on laughing, singing, dancing, crying and being stupid little monkeys no matter what the parent does to us. The white “parent” (aka Uncle Sam) does not want you to grow up. We are forced to placate this “parent” by playing the roll of “good boy”–The Negro.³ It is a profoundly unhealthy relationship. It is making us mentally and physically sick. Nothing else can explain our high homicide rates, the chaos of our neighborhoods, the flagrant domestic abuse, the alcoholism, drug abuse and the obscene “hip-hop” culture that has grown up around all this dysfunction. Nothing else can explain the utter fucking stupidity that is “mumble rap” culture. These are all the expressions of a sick, lost, confused people–lost, because we are still tethered to a society that literally FORBIDS us to be human beings.

All of the above is not “Africa” in the least. It is certainly not “America.” It is European Colonialism on steroids.

Sir, it is not possible to function in a society that is hot-wired to think that our mere existence is a crime, and whose entire foundations are built upon our Black selves being perpetually nothing. By any moral standard, this is completely unacceptable.

It is impossible to function even in a so-called “liberal” and “multiracial” society that is so thoroughly anti-African American that an entire dictionary (running to hundreds of pages) can be compiled from all the various slurs used to denigrate us, or even the color black. (Even the word “denigrate” is problematic: what the fuck does it mean to “de-nigrate” somebody? Or “blackball” or “blackmail”? What the fuck is a “blackguard”?)

As for the “conservative” element in this so-called “society,” no comment: their willingness to commit treason to “make america great again” speaks volumes.

Today (after a lull following World War Two, the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall) all the old horrors of the old, reactionary Europe are returning in full force. Those Europeans who are snickering over the demise of America barely realize that they are also snickering over the death of Europe. They have forgotten precisely where “America,” Europe’s concept of the Other Hemisphere (aka Turtle Island) actually originated. Whites worldwide are “pissed off” not because of “mass immigration” of “niggers” from Africa and the Middle East, but because the Negro they created in desperation has ceased to exist.

Is it any wonder that your average white Western Joe and Jane seem to be stumbling through the wreckage of their own ugly cities like doped-out zombies, incapable of emotions, devoid of humanity? Or that nearly everything they try to produce in terms of art, architecture, academia, fashion, music, etc., is so appallingly mediocre? Or why their socio-sexual relations are so deeply contaminated with flat-out narcissism? To destroy us, the Westerner had to destroy himself.

Why in the hell are we demanding love and acceptance from people who have no love in them?

Cory Booker, like W.E.B. DuBois before him, speaks of hope. “(It) is essential,” he says, “but it is not enough.” No shit: it was the most right thing he ever said in that speech.

“This is the end of (the African American’s) striving,” DuBois continues: “To be a co-worker in the kingdom of culture, to escape both death and isolation, and to husband and use his best powers.” The only problem being of course is that the “kingdom of culture” in America today is actually Disneyland. I can talk for days about the sheer vulgarity, triviality and mediocrity of Disneyland. Disneyland is Kitsch-on-wheels. We don’t need to work with fucking Disneyland. Disneyland and The Hood are part and parcel of the same benighted space. There is utterly no hope whatever in finding our collective selves–let alone connecting with other people–in such a space. We need one of our own. “Black people live their whole lives in a fantasy world,” Michael Chabon once wrote, “it’s just not their fantasy.”


On second thought, maybe everything that I have said so far in this article is unnecessary. White Americans do see us, Cory Booker–as bulls-eyes for their fucking arrows.

And they don’t love us, either: they love the Negro.

Unfortunately–for them, anyway–the Negro is dead.




  1. Senator Cory Booker pleads before the Senate to pass the fucking Anti-Lynching Bill, which should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately Rand Paul, the libertarian Repug, jams the passage of the bill on bullshit pretexts.
  2. Senator Booker then tells The Senate, “America, I love you. Do you see me?”
  3. America refuses to see New Africans except as they wish to see them–as clowns or murderers.
  4. Not only does America refuse to see New Africans as they are, they demand that New Africans see themselves precisely as white Americans see New Africans–as Negroes.
  5. The Negro is a racist, dehumanized concept of the African which justifies his captivity.
  6. The Negro is the only type of Black person the American white wants to deal with 90% of the time.
  7. The only way Black people can function in American society is to function as “Negroes.”
  8. The only way to function as a Negro is to act stupid, repulsive, clownish, unintelligent, inferior, infantile. White America prefers this because this is how they see Black people.
  9. White America prefers a black “thug” with no brains to a Black professor who is “woke” and knows his own worth. Why? Because the “thug” doesn’t know his own worth, generally speaking. That is why he is so proud of being a “thug.”
  10. Therefore, those Blacks who are not self-hating are forced to pretend as if they are Negroes. Re: Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and “We Wear the Mask.”
  11. The conflict of having to pretend to be a Negro and being oneself often leads to severe mental disorders, even making some blacks homicidal, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.
  12. A Black person cannot live in American society without being appallingly unhealthy, either in mind or in body. Witness the deterioration of mainstream African American culture and the high levels of obesity among African Americans.
  13. In order for Black people in America to live like human beings without fear of dying from walking through a park, eating their lunch, entering a bar, breathing, selling water, drinking water, trying to buy cigarettes (like GEORGE FLOYD), or just being in your own bedroom (like Breonna Taylor) or sitting on a bench in your own neighborhood, they have to get rid of this current joke of an American system and construct a viable system of their own. American Democracy works, all right–JUST NOT FOR US.
  14. The only way to get rid of this rotten society is to take to the streets. Right here, right now.


*note: this includes all non-whites who think of themselves as being white, or who suffer from that dreaded mental illness called “double consciousness.”

¹David Walker’s Appeal: See the inconsistency of the assertions of those wretches–they beat us inhumanely, sometimes almost to death, for attempting to inform ourselves, by reading the Word of our Maker, and at the same time tell us, that we are beings void of intellect!!!! How admirably their practices agree with their professions in this case. (Boston: 1829.)

²W.E.B. DuBois, “Strivings of the Negro People,” The Atlantic, August 1897.

³Hilton Als: “For black people, being around white people is sometimes like taking care of babies you don’t like, babies who throw up on you again and again, but whom you cannot punish, because they’re babies. Eventually, you direct that anger at yourself–it has nowhere to go.” “A Pryor Love,” White Girls, McSweenys, 2014.




The Caucasian Kakistocracy, Revisited

Yes, I know I haven’t posted regularly in over a year. That’s because I was evicted in February 2019 and forced to spend the following year in Green House Berlin. To put it very, very lightly, that was not cool. At all. In addition to all that I had to accept part-time employment as a dishwasher and then a house-cleaner, two jobs which left me too exhausted to do much else other than sleep after work, and after moving to Brandenberg this April, dealing with the loss of my oldest brother, Stephen E. Henderson, Jr., from Covid-19. And, of course, the current revolt brewing in the United States.

I am still at work on that new essay I promised dealing with some of these issues, but in light of current events, I had to update it a little. In the meantime this two year old essay (and some others I wrote even earlier, during the 2016 uprisings) are still relevant because everything has been precisely the same since that time, only a little worse. I even wondered why in the hell I was planning a new essay on this topic (white supremacy and police brutality). After awhile, it really gets a little redundant to have to repeat the same things over and over again in the hopes that people will listen to what you say. Sadly, most of the time nobody is listening at all.

The main consolation that I have is that the rhetoric that I (and other committed black writers) have used is now every day talk on the streets of the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere. Many people are now saying on their social media postings what my generation was afraid to think back in 1987.


via The Caucasian Kakistocracy, Revisited