Frank Newton: Eric Hobsbawm’s favourite jazz musician?

Yes, Jazz and Marxian beliefs have been proven to be perfectly compatible for decades. Read Eric Hobsbawm, Amiri Baraka and Frank Kofsky. You can also read me, too.

Shiraz Socialist

The late Eric Hobsbawm wrote about Jazz under the name ‘Francis Newton.’ The use of a pseudonym may have been because he wished to keep his academic work separate from his jazz criticism, and may also have been to do with the Communist Party’s hostility towards jazz in the 1940s and ’50s. But in any case, the choice of that particular name cannot have been a co-incidence: Frank (sometimes “Frankie”) Newton was a fine but neglected black US trumpet player of the 1930’s and 40’s, who was unusual amongst professional jazz musicians of that generation in being politically active. Newton was at the very least, a ‘fellow-traveller’ of the US Communist Party, and was probably a member. The occasion of Hobsbawm’s death seems an appropriate moment to remind (actually, to tell) the world about Frank Newton.

Frankie Newton, Sidney Bechet June8, 1939

Little has been written about Newton over the years (though Michael Steinman at Jazz Lives and Ben Greenberg at Hungry Blues have posted about him), so I’m re-publishing…

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The Refuse of all Classes

This article aligns with my own thoughts about the lumpenproletariat and whatever revolutionary or reactionary tendencies they may hold. Mazur however, insists that there is no lumpen-bourgeoisie or lumpen-elite. I disagree. The kakistocracy that runs the US (as well as many, many other nations) is unquestionably of a lumpen character, and there is ample evidence to suggest that there is considerable cross-class collaboration between the lumpen-elite and certain elements of the lumpen-proletariat (such as the situation in Chicago, explained above). One shining example of lumpen-proletariat values in action is R. Kelly, the Great Cradle Robber, who was allowed to get away with his fuckery for over two decades before his lumpen-elite promoters (RCA) decided he was no longer worth his weight in tarnished gold. More on the lumpen-classes later…


“Who are our friends? Who are our enemies? This is the first question of revolution.”

-Mao Tse Tung

“It is clear to us that the so-called lumpen class cannot carry our liberation struggle forward

on its own.”

-Black Liberation Army

One of the hotly debated subjects of today is around the Lumpen line, where the lumpenproletariat, that declassed milieu that Marx and Engels in the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte called “the refuse of all classes” or “the decaying elements of all classes,” is elevated as the revolutionary subject of our time. The origin of the Lumpen line was with Bakunin in his criticisms of Marx and Frantz Fanon in The Wretched of the Earth. Fanon, though a revolutionary nationalist and anti-imperialist who defended the right to violence from the conciliatory French social-chauvinists of the revisionist Communist Party of France, had embraced eclecticism like many revolutionaries of the time…

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Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives

I hope to be back to posting articles within a week or so. Right now I’ dealing with the aftermath of an eviction. That, in itself, demands some consideration in an essay.

The Out And Abouter

An ancient Martian city has been discovered, full of flat screen TVs, frozen food emporiums, and straws.

In a recent revelation, published in the respectably obscure scientific journal Knock Knock Who’s There Science Science Who Too Late, a team of experts from the University of Atlantis released their analysis of what ultimately caused Mars to become a barren dustbowl of shattered galactic dreams: entirely avoidable environmental disaster coupled with unresponsive conservative governance.

Lead researcher on the project, Dr. Philemin, explains.

“While the fossil record on the red planet appears to have been mostly destroyed by the last Martian governments, who went to some lengths to attempt to hide the scale of their stupidity from eternity, we still managed to turn up compelling evidence that these guys knew this shit was coming. But they chose not to act because: dividends. Those weekend houses on Phobos don’t pay for themselves, it would…

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The Racism of Light-Skinned Arabs against Dark-Skinned People


Like in the past, this year’s Ramadan series featured scenes of vulgar racism against Afro/black Arabs.

BY Hana al-Khamri (from Al-Jazeera)

Hana al-Khamri is a writer and analyst based in Sweden. She used to work as a journalist in Saudi Arabia. She is also the author of the upcoming book  Female Journalists in Gender-Apartheid Saudi Arabia.

Arab in blackface

Egyptian TV series Azmi we Ashgal released during Ramadan featured a number of actors performing in blackface [Screengrab/Youtube/Al Nahar TV]

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are meant to abstain from food, drinks, smoking, sexual activity and offensive language.

Understandably, during this month, TV broadcasters across the Arab world tend to tone down programming and promote more family-friendly content.

Yet year after year, racist mockery and derogatory language against Afro/black Arabs and black African migrants make it to the TV screens of millions of Arab families gathered to enjoy TV series produced especially…

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Why are so many People of African Descent, Suffering from an Ugly Duckling Syndrome?



,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ugly ugly-duckling Duckling .......

The history of African Americans and other people of African descent who have lived among Caucasians, have been like the story of the ‘The Ugly Duckling.’ 

This sad little duck, was always trying to fit in and please the others Ducks.

He tried very hard, because his physical appearance, was so different from theirs.

He did everything he could think of to make them accept him as a equal member of their group.

But despite his numerous efforts to fit in he was rejected and ridiculed.

He was always sad and unhappy because he considered himself ugly when compared to the other Ducks. 

Then one day he found out that he was in fact not a Duck but a beautiful Swan.

The moral of the story is “beautiful Swans should stop trying to look like Ducks.”

The Creator of the Heavens and…

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Abdul Baha was a Racist !!!

Oh, really?

Baha'i 'Faith'

As a true seeker of the independent variety, I am sorry to say one of the three Bahai central figures called  Abdu’l-Bahá `Abbás did make remarks which would be considered in today’s European Union as racist, but are considered divine and sacred by the institutions of the Baha’i Faith.

Tablets of `Abdu’l-Bahá `Abbás   Pages 576-580
“O ye beloved of God and maid-servants of the Merciful!.

“The inhabitants of a country like Africa are all as wandering savages and wild animals; they lack intelligence and knowledge; all are uncivilized; not one civilized and wise man is to be found among them.
On the contrary, consider the civilized countries, the inhabitants of
which are living in the highest state of culture and ethics, solidarity and inter-dependence; possessing, with few exceptions, acute power of comprehensions and sound mind”

A century ago such remarks would have been the accepted norm amongst white…

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Reposted from Abagond. Off the top of my head, I can’t say much about it right now because I’m up to my neck in other things at the moment (debts, possible eviction, etc.). But I might add that this squabble between native-born Afro-Americans and foreign-born blacks is nothing new. It was happening when I was a kid; it was happening when my father was a kid. In fact Harold Cruse devoted an entire chapter in his book “Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” to the on-going beef between Afro-Americans (Negroes at the time) and Caribbean blacks (West Indians at the time). For example:

“An anti-West Indian bias was implicit in some of the relentless editorial assaults in (A. Phillip) Randolph’s ‘Messenger’ against the Garvey movement, as part of the “Garvey Must Go!” campaign carried out by the American leadership. This campaign reached a high pitch in 1923…Randolph and his group were enraged by Garvey’s words and answered him in the ‘Messenger’ under the editorial heading, ‘A Supreme Negro Jamaican Jackass'”….

And on the flip side of the coin, from Caribbean blacks, Cruse noted that “once a West Indian gets to the United States he becomes critical of Negroes being exploited because they ‘don’t understand business'”….

All in all, it’s just another sad case of American history repeating itself in terms of the Afro-American vis-a-vis other ethnic groups.


Household wealth in Boston. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2015.

ADOS (by 2005) is short for “American Descendants of Slaves”, also known as American DOS, DOS or USDOS, etc. It means US Blacks who come from US slaves. About 90% of Black people in the US are ADOS. The term goes back to at least “America’s Little Black Book” (2005) by Norris Shelton. The term is being pushed on the Internet by Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell.


  • Nigerian Americans because few if any came from slaves.
  • West Indian Americans because they came from non-US slaves.
  • Non-Black people of colour, also not from US slaves. Note that many Native Americans were made into slaves, but their descendants no longer form a separate class in US society.
  • White Americans, many of whom have the blood of Black slaves in them – just ask James Watson – but have…

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AFROPUNK harmed way more people than previously reported: staff, community speak out

So it’s official, then: AFROPUNK IS TRASH.

What started out roughly a decade ago as an alternative space for black creatives (largely in Brooklyn) has become a cash cow for black capitalists (aka Amerikkkan Coloreds, aka the Black Bourgeoisie) who traditionally see other Black people as shit. Snotty-nosed hipsters infiltrated the scene early on, it appears, and completely corrupted what should have been a viable Black counter-cultural movement. According to Bae Guevara, a self-styled trap feminist, thug scholar and Harlemite, “Afropunk has always been corny. It isn’t even punk. Just corporate shit backed by white people.”

No shit!

What *is* Black Punk, anyway? What about Bad Brains? The New York Niggers? Living Colour? Eugene Tatu? Sun Ra? (Yes, I know he’s dead, but still.) Punk, by definition, is anarchic, confrontational, rude, nasty, shrill. Punk aims to offend, not please. The Afropunks conflated petty-bourgeois hipsterism and hippie shenanigans (like posing, panting your face, wearing flowers and funny hats and all that silly shit) with authentic punk. You will never find an Afropunk equivalent to Johnny Rotten’s “God Save the Queen” (unless, of course, one is willing to include Nipsey Hustle’s “Fuck Donald Trump” under the umbrella of a Black Punk aesthetic).

Afropunk made its true intent self-evident in its paternalistic attitude towards its followers (note the signs at festivals demanding in shrill Stalinist PC rhetoric NO RACISM, NO HETEROSEXISM, NO FAT SHAMING, NO AGEISM, blah blah blah–as if these clowns were addressing little children)–and its obsequiousness towards White hipster gate-crashers. Of course, these plastic pickaninnies simply wanted White hipster money, which explains why they (plastic punks) eventually shelved their Afrocentric intentions.

In fact, Afropunk became WHITE, a sexified racist minstrel show, pandering to White racist desires for Black exotica, Black obsequiousness and of course, the long-held white racist desire for the PRIMITIVE, CHILDLIKE, HAPPY NEGRO. The Black Bourgeoisie typically tries to conceal its extreme self-loathing behind gay and trans-rights issues, but in this instance (as in the case of Jussie Smolett and DeRay McKesson) the bougies got called out on their fuckery. The sheer vitriol and hate that infests “Shea Butter Twitter” manifested itself in Afropunk’s mental, verbal and physical assaults on its own staff (and others). Afropunk is to Black culture (what’s left of it, which isn’t much) what Kamala Harris is to Afro-Americans in general: a stale Oreo cookie.

The Rad Voice

AP Trumpism Banner 3 #Afropunk=Trumpism stickers were spotted in New York and Atlanta

Former associates, staff members, artists, vendors, festival goers are sharing their Afropunk stories of lies, abuse, conning, threats and more. Many are calling for a boycott.

Event production company Afropunk’s ethos has been called into questions numerous times over the years. Most recently, guests of their Brooklyn festival reported being removed from a backstage area for criticizing the brand, and the long-time Editor-in-Chief of Afropunk’s online media resigned, citing unethical behaviors and performative ‘activism’ coming from the company’s owners and their ‘entourage’.

Many more people are now coming forward with their accounts of how they were mistreated by the corporation and/or its management in this exclusive investigation. Some are speaking here for the first time, some have spoken out before but most of the previous reports, albeit very concerning, didn’t get much traction.

While unethical behavior is not unusual in…

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Black Mentacide: Accepting Degenerate Ghetto culture

via Black Mentacide: Accepting Degenerate Ghetto culture

See my own 2012 article on Reactionary Rap and the Black Lumpenproletariat. My stance has not changed, except to say that white racist ressentiment is so bad nowadays that even 50 Cent felt compelled to burn his Gucci t-shirt. (Note: Gucci is in hot water for attempting to sneak on the nigger-bashing bandwagon, a la H & M (“coolest monkey in the jungle”), Prada (blackface), and Shirley Q. Liquor, a fat queen who entertains racist gays by ripping off Bert Williams’s old routines.) Even a little worm like Soulja Boy (Ole Mush Mouth) turned.

African-American or New Afrikan ( The Difference Between African American Democratic Movement & New Afrikan Independence Movement )

via African-American or New Afrikan ( The Difference Between African American Democratic Movement & New Afrikan Independence Movement )

There are crucial differences between the Afro-American “Negro” (an assimilationist and compromiser) and a New Afrikan. Suffice it to say that the Afro- or African-American wants to achieve liberation through the same economic superstructure that was (and still is) designed to keep Africans at subsistence level. The African-American loves to believe that the system is broken when in fact, it isn’t–all those filthy ghettos, housing projects, trailer parks, barrios, favelas, reservations; all those homeless lined up along the streets of LA and San Francisco, all those incarcerated black men and battered black women are not indicative of a system that is failing but a system that is running precisely as it was intended to run.

Even the cult-nationalists of the sixties understood this basic fact. Cultural nationalists (such as Amiri Baraka) advocated something called “co-operative economics” as opposed to Capitalism. Baraka, in an interview sometime in the late sixties, dismissed Capitalism as a “byword–a euphemism for evil.” He would have been more precise (as he was later upon converting to Marxism) if he said that Capitalism was a byword for organized barbarism (on the level of the fucking Vandals, and upon reading the history of these barbarians, there is not a bit of difference between Vandalism and Capitalism, save that Capitalism is–ostensibly, anyway–far more sophisticated and elegant in its approach to pillaging nations).