How Hausrecht provides as a cover for racism and discrimination in Berlin’s nightclubs

Looks like I have to write an entirely new article on what Berlin has turned into. From my vantage point, it is far uglier, far more chaotic and far more provincial (ironically) than I have ever remembered it. My final verdict on this city is that it is just a big, fat ghetto-slash-high school-slash-theme park-slash Altamont, attracting nothing but dysfunctional and deranged people acting out some weird personal fantasy they might have.


As party-tourism to Berlin has intensified, so has the pressure on nightclubs to preserve the atmosphere and maintain the right mix of people inside of their clubs. Hausrecht, which translates to ´right of the house´ allows private spaces like clubs to decide on who gains access and who gets denied. This has caused for a sequence of complaints as people feel they aren’t declined on a random basis, but on basis of race or sexual orientation. I spoke with electronic music researcher Luis-Manuel Garcia, organizer of Pornceptual party, Chris Phillips and Celine Barry of the Anti Discriminatory Network Berlin.

Berlin’s nightlife is known for its hour long queues, difficult to get into clubs and notorious bouncers. Getting into these spaces, isn’t always as easy. From a legal perspective, clubs are allowed to deny people on four bases: age, behaviour in queues, capacity and for the sake of the ‘concept’…

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