The Western Alt-Right is Nothing but a Bunch of Old Rednecks in a Segregated Old Folks Home (Re: Bifo Berardi)

I’ve reposted this in light of the spirit of Mussolini returning to Italy, practically 100 years to the day he had his notorious Blackshirt March on Rome…in the guise of some aging pop-eyed blonde bimbo.


Excuse me? I meant to say the Western World in general, certainly not just the so-called “alt-right,” which is virtually its cultural-political mainstream at this point.

But if this is what the West (aka “Whitey-World”) wants, let them have it, and let them remember what happened to these buffoons the last time they pushed humanity into a global war.

The outcome was not great. The thousand year reich of Herr schickelgruber only lasted 12 years and that old bald-headed guido did not get his new Roman Empire: he wound up getting hung upside down like a leg of prosciutto in a Neapolitan market, along with his girlfriend. An enraged crowd literally staved his skull in.

We all know that Italians change governments the same way women change tampons so many people are shrugging off the victory of Giorgia Meloni as just another fluke. The fact is that Miss Pop-Eyes is the leader of a party (Fratelli d’Italia) which split from Berlusconi’s own right-wing party (Il Popolo della Liberta) with members drawn from another far-right party (National Alliance) which, in itself, was an extension of yet another far-right party (Italian Social Movement, active from 1945-1995) which was, God forbid, a literal carry-over from Mussolini’s own National Fascist Party. It is quite clear where Italy has been headed since at least the 20th Century Post-war era, thanks to the great wisdom of our own fucking CIA (which wanted to “stop Commonists” at all costs, even at the expense of arming terrorists, thugs and all sorts of degenerates): the same CIA which created the mess we now see in Iran (thanks to their deposing of Mossadegh in 1953, a legitimately elected Iranian socialist leader), in the Congo (after their assassination of Lumumba), in Afghanistan (after their funneling weapons to crazed Islamic jihadis in order to fight them Soviet “Commonists”), in Chile (after their destruction of Salvador Allende the ascension of maniac Augusto Pinochet), and so on and so forth.

Funny how so many of these dangerous political roads–and let’s not even begin to talk about who’s arming Ukrainian Azov fascists (not to be confused with Ukrainians in general, let’s make that clear) and at the same time sucking Putin’s dick underneath his desk)–lead back to Washington, D.C. Why? Because Washington will accept any old shitty government, no matter how brutal, no matter how racist, anti-Semitic, etc., as long as it isn’t “Communist”–i.e., as long as it doesn’t threaten American economic interests. They will bitch about China but China is practically a super-power at this point and besides, it is Communist in name only. The same can be said for North Korea, which is just a totalitarian hell-hole. Cuba is still being punished for throwing out United Fruit and the Mafia, two egregious insults to American pride. The true motto of America should be “Capitalism, Capitalism above everything in the world” (Kapitalismus Ueber Alles!!)

It doesn’t surprise me that Hillary Clinton herself can’t suppress even a smidgen of admiration for Giorgia Meloni, as if a woman being a potential totalitarian dictator (she will: it has been written into Italy’s future from the beginnings of its history: Italians love strong-men leaders, even if they have vaginas) is somehow a step forward for women in general. (Just imagine: a woman as leader of the Fourth Reich. Would it be somehow better if this leader were Black, Muslim, transgendered, and suffering from Down’s Syndrome all at once?)

Nope. No surprises on this end that Meloni won in Italy, or that Americans (and whites in general) strongly admire her. Meloni herself looks to me like a far-right Hillary Clinton, blonde hair, blue eyes, fat thighs and all.

Not My Circus, Not My Clowns

Why I refuse to support either Putin or Zelenskyy

I’ve officially made my decision about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Aside from innocent civilians getting butchered and decapitated by Russian thugs, and aside from non-white refugees still struggling to get out of the hellhole that is modern-day Ukraine, I’m not taking sides.

Some years back I already made my opposition to Putin and his totalitarian megalomaina perfectly clear. It was obvious that he interfered in the U.S. Elections of 2016 (and most likely 2020), and blatantly obvious that this Orange Object is in Putin’s front pocket. As recently as March 30 of this year, Trumbly appeared on a fascist news network making an unsubstantiated claim that President Biden pocketed money that was given to his son, Hunter, by the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. The alibi for this fake claim was for Vladimir Putin to dig up dirt on President Biden. This while Putin has essentially declared himself to be an enemy of NATO and, by logical extension, the United States.

For the umpteenth time, Trumbshit has flat-out acted like a modern-day Benedict Arnold, and yet literally no one cared enough about his treasonous behavior because most eyes were focused on the silly shenanigans going down at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock: true to fashion, Amy Schmuer, Jim Carrey and Company were more “triggered” by Smith slapping the shit out of Rock than the Orange Ogre further undermining the national security of their own beloved USA.

While all this foolishness was going on, Putin–in all likelihood–was sitting somewhere in his atrociously tasteless “palace” and watching it with that smug laugh of his. One can imagine him saying, in all seriousness, “these dumb Yanks are more concerned about a bunch of chornyii slapping each other around on stage than the very stability of their own country! What idiots!”

And he would be right, all exceptions admitted. America’s Negrophobia is so deeply rooted that it even takes precedent over the very real threat of a Third World War. The Negrophobia was expressed in eloquent and seemingly rational language–Will Smith’s “patriarchal” tendencies were strongly condemned and lampooned by the usual Blue Check Twitter crowd, which fancies itself the conscience of the fucking planet. Writing in El Pais, a left-leaning Spanish (!) newspaper, Isabel Valdes writes, “Author Octavio Salazar analyzed Smith’s actions in a column published Monday in this newspaper, writing: ‘Will Smith’s reaction to an unfortunate joke by Chris Rock contains all the elements of the model of masculinity that continues today to be the main obstacle against building a world without gender inequality, where violence is no longer legitimized. A violence that is connected to power, to the omnipotence in which men have been socialized and to the assumption that there is no better way of managing conflict than resorting to force. Violence still remains for many a mechanism for reaffirming virility and restoring supposedly lost honor.'”

The Blue Check Snobs are an international bunch of bourgeois who live in their own digital bubble, their fat plastic asses cushioned by dollars, pounds, euros, yen, pesos, bitcoin, and a bunch of other currencies. These are the same buffoons who readily support Zelenskyy and his fight against Russian barbarism. And rightfully so, you might add, since Putin has nuclear weapons in his arsenal and is acting in a terribly reckless and barbarous way. But the Blue Checks’ obsessive focus upon the Smith-Rock ruckus plainly shows you where their heads are really at.

Russian barbarism is a concrete reality

Their hypocrisy is so blatant at this point that one can no longer take them seriously. When Octavio Salazar writes the above lines, one can’t help but think about the absolute mess that Spain, his own country, has made of every single one of its ex-colonies over the past five centuries. Honduras, for example, has the highest homicide rate of any nation in the world. Equitorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony in Central Africa, is a joke of a nation run by a shriveled up gnat calling himself a “leader”–Commandant Obiang, who lives a life of unbrideled luxury while his citizens eat out of the garbage can (whenever they can afford to, that is). Obiang, like every single so-called “leader” of every single so-called Spanish-speaking “nation,” is a direct by-product of Spain’s hypermasculine and hyper-macho assault upon humanity–an assault resulting in the deaths of at least 100 million people, an assult for which they have yet to apologize, let alone make amends, for.

There’s no point in singling out Spain since it’s but one country in NATO, an organization with expansionist policies all its own. “It’s complicated,” writes Klaus Wiegrefe of Der Spiegel (Germany), in discussing Putin’s bitterness at NATO’s eastward expansion into former Eastern Block nations. The late Boris Yeltsin himself was deeply concerned about such an expansion, so much so that in September, 1993, Yeltsin wrote a letter to then-President Clinton essentially accusing the US and NATO of going behind Russia’s back in allowing Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to join NATO. According to Yeltsin, the spirit of the Two-Plus-Four Treaty “precluded” the West’s options of expanding eastward; Americans, of course, “rejected the accusation” of expansionism, and as a result, the ensuing Russia/NATO conflict remained unresolved, “poisoning” relations between Moscow and the West more than any other issue since the fall of the USSR.

NATO is expansionist. That much is perfectly clear. Time and again Russia has pointed out–and it is well-documented*–that at the start of the 1990s, the West promised Russia in writing that neither Poland, Czechia or Hungary would join NATO. Since then, of course, the West–in allowing not only these three nations but thirteen others to join, thereby boxing Russia in–essentially told Russia “up yours.” As a result, Ukraine’s hankering to join NATO gave Putin an alibi to support Donbass separatists in Eastern Ukraine, seize Odessa, claiming it to be “Russian territory,” and finally in February of this year, invade Ukraine altogether under the alibi that the Ukraine (notwithstanding its Jewish premier) is controlled by “Nazis.”

This does not make Putin “the hero” that some misguided tankies seem to think he is. (Apparently American leftists are so ignorant they believe that Russia is still essentially a communist country. This is not hyperbole: Black Agenda Report seems to think so, even with all the evidence to the contrary.) It only makes him one of the bad guys in a pathetic conflict between a group of gangsters. Think Crips versus Bloods versus Blackstone Rangers versus the Mexican Mafia versus MS-13 versus the Hell’s Angels–which one are you going to route for? The one who has less destructive power? I didn’t think so.

Ukraine has had extreme-right tendencies for decades. For those that are shocked at Ukraine’s Klan-like treatment of Africans and South Asians trying to escape to Poland, one need only look at Ukraine’s ugly history concerning its Jewish and Roma population. During the Lviv Progroms of 1941 (like those of 1918) both Poles (in 1918) and Ukrainians (in 1941), even while beleagured by Two World Wars, even while surrounded by hostile European forces (the Germans in both cases, generally), still took the time to indulge in one of their favorite national pastimes: Jew-baiting. The conflicts between Russia, Germany and Ukraine did not in any way morally enlighten Ukrainians but merely gave them an alibi to act out long-buried racist aggressions.

Ukrainian fascist kicking a Jew during the Lviv Pogrom of 1941, in which at least 3,000 Jews were murdered

Even today Ukrainian “patriots,” really a bunch of overglorified skinheads, run amok burning down Roma settlements and villages. And the hostility is definitely color-coded. Africans and South Asians (but especially Africans) are singled out in the precise way that Jews were singled out in the previous century: not because they are any threat to Ukrainians or Poles, but because they are Africans. The fucking Peace Corps gingerly warns black humanitarian workers that poor suffering Ukrainians, in spite of the trauma they’ve experienced at the hands of Russian thugs, will still call black workers “niggers” and “monkeys” and put on Al Jolson routines as if it’s still 1919.

Video footage that has come out of the Ukraine-Polish border shows South Asians and Africans being beaten senseless and chased by Polish Nazis, being hounded out of stores, having bananas thrown at them, and so on and so forth. The international response has been almost complete indifference. Again, no surprise there. The white West was more outraged at two middle-aged colored comedians slapping each other at the Oscars than children still starving in Yemen, the ongoing conflicts in the Congo and the chaos in Venezuela, the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs, the disasters they’ve made of Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Cuba, not to mention the obscene hypocrisy of crying crocodile tears over little blonde Slavic girls…while Israelis rape Palestinian women and crack jokes about it.

“No Indians,”

In the United States, the fucking government has allowed 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to resettle, mainly–of course–in the Deep South, where they will presumably join the police or work in tandem with government officials (like Josh Hawley) in further stripping “niggers” of their hard-won civil rights. I’m sure the Ku Klux Klan and possibly Jim Goad will seek their assistance in helping to build a global Fourth Reich where “niggers” will be (like today) a global untouchable caste, reduced to eating out of garbage cans and being kicked around from nation to nation like soccer balls.

“No Blacks!”

The Ukrainian refugees are getting their asses wiped–not because they have suffered trauma, which I’m pretty sure they have (I witnessed one sad incident involving a Ukrainian refugee while on a U-Bahn: nothing racial, the woman in question was completely psychotic) but because they are white: no hooked noses, no nappy hair, no brown or black skins, ergo, no sweat. We won’t whip Ukrainians in America because they’re not Haitian “negroes” or Guatemalan “beaners” (we put them in cages, don’t you know). We won’t ask Sleepy Joe (with his geriatric Alfred E. Neumann grin) to “build a wall” to keep them out: they’re “one of us.”

Ukraine is a “civilized” country, a “European” country unlike Sudan, which is full of coal-black super-Muslim “darkies” (and was the seat of several civilizations when Europe did not even exist). We care about their children because they have blonde hair and blue eyes and not a bunch of greasy black “niglets” living in the bowels of Baltimore or Flint, Michigan. “Let them drink dirty water,” the West says: and we’ve heard them loud and clear.

No: the West does NOT really care about us at all. They have made their position and their aims known vis-a-vis Russia: they are not really opposed to “violence” and “aggression” of course, only when other people besides themselvs engage in it–and with agendas that are at loggerheads with the Western desire for total hegemony over humanity.

Too bad he’s not Ukrainian, only a Haitian.

Russia, for its part, merely wants the same: total domination. Let’s not forget that much of the far-right hysteria in the West today (though not all of it), and that fringe nuts like the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, Lega Nord, Pegida, AfD, Viktor Orban, Candace Owens, Donald Dumbshit, the Capitol Chimpout–the whole swamp of Honky Power–was underwritten by Russian skullduggery.

The West (like before) is slipping back into some old-timey Russophobia like the kind we used to see back in the fifties, sixties, or seventies. It seems to me that Western leadership is more impulsive and childlike than they would like to admit. Now they are delegitimizing Russian culture, and apparently we who enjoy real culture (and who could care less about the fucking “Oscars”) can’t listen to Scriabin or read Dostoyevsky or Gogol anymore. Well, for the record: Gogol was actually Ukrainian. Like Dostoyevsky (and many of his regressive-minded, childlike countrymen) he was a ferocious racist and anti-Semite. But I’d rather read Dostoyevsky than the clown who wrote, “I Just Want My Pants Back.” Like an old Polish guy once said, when asked to take sides in a conflict he found distasteful, all I can say concerning this current conflict in Ukraine is: not my circus, not my clowns, not my monkeys.

Good night.


Read here for more on Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the “Pandora Papers.”

“I love how people are literally crowdfunding Ukraine’s military equipment online. My subscribers get their PayPal donations taken aside for using the word “Palestine” or “Syria”. If you crowdfunded for the Palestinian resistance you’d be put in jail. Ah the double standards.”–Richard Medhurst, twitter, Feb. 26, 2022, 2:17 PM

“The fact that the US bombed Somalia this morning but all the empathy is directed to Ukraine only Yemen, Syria, Somalia for years have been existing under bombings, invasions and whatnot!”–Judicaelle Irakoze 1:19 AM · Feb 25, 2022

Note: the U.S. is actually bombing Al-Shabaab and ISIS, so this is tricky. Yet it’s true that the world completely forgot about Yemen, which is starving to death, and absolutely no one gives a shit about the Congo, anymore than they give a shit about the ongoing crisis with the Rohinga in Burma (Myanmar) or, for that matter, the Uyghurs, which we’re not supposed to talk about because nobody wants to offend the Neo-Han Chauvinist Empire (commonly known as China).

*”Luckily, there are plenty of documents available from the various countries that took part in the talks, including memos from conversations, negotiation transcripts and reports. According to those documents, the U.S., the UK and Germany signaled to the Kremlin that a NATO membership of countries like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic was out of the question. In March 1991, British Prime Minister John Major promised during a visit to Moscow that “nothing of the sort will happen.” Yeltsin expressed significant displeasure when the step was ultimately taken. He gave his approval for NATO’s eastward expansion in 1997, but complained that he was only doing so because the West had forced him to.” –Klaus Wiegrefe, “Is Vladimir Putin Right?” Spiegel International, 15.2.2022

A Theodicy of Shit

I’m posting this not merely just to remind my tiny-ass audience that I actually still exist, but because one of Kundera’s remarks concerning God and intestines struck my eye: if God made man in His own image, then God should be able to take a shit, as well as pee, fornicate (and since there are both genders and apparently several sexual orientations, one could easily postulate that The Supreme Being could just as well take it up the ass), and everything else that “man” does.

Beccause of the total financial disasters over the previous summer and fall, I wasn’t able to write anything. Some fucking thug extorted me out of hundreds of euros over the summer just as I was about to pay rent, and because of his bully-boy tactics (talk about machetes, guns, poison (!)), etc., I was completely unable to concentrate.

The area I live in, an East German dystopia with wings, is not nice. This is actually putting it lightly. It somehow manages to be exceedingly boring, mundane and tedious while at the same time filled with a deep undertow of aggression and even insanity.

Hubert Adjei-Kontoh, a Ghanaian-American writer who is trying to get my name back into the public eye (and who wrote a superb review of my second novel, Nate), paid me a visit during December and January, 2022. Along with Declan, an Irish-Scottish artist and filmmaker, Hubert put together a documentary on my life here. He also had the misfortune of discovering with his own eyes the aggressive frivolity (this is the only way to describe it) that pervades life in Berlin. It didn’t help matters that while I was being filmed at one of the city’s “bohemian” hangouts, two of the denizens of this fucking cafe took time out to actually spit in Declan’s direction. Hubert’s attempts at dating in Berlin both ended in total disaster–the second one even more disastrous than the first. Both chicks–one white, the other Black-ish–were complete lunatics. And both Hubert and Declan came away with the overall impression of Berlin as being a city without a soul.

Tonight I Have Just Discovered…

That supernazi website Chimpout, also known as, still exists.

Since my laptop is acting funny I’ll post the link below:

Rather than waste my energy being annoyed by these honky savages (what else are you going to call them?) I suggest that some people come up with the names of the scumbags who run this Nazi website, their web addresses, and I will post them here. Also, feel free to dig up any information about these savages and I will do the same. Furthermore, hacking the hell out of them would be a great idea.

Some people might find it hard to believe that after 12 years these savages are still hard at work spreading Nazi propaganda worldwide against Africans, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least–especially when their spiritual leader, Donald Trump, has never seen the inside of a criminal court, much less a fucking prison. (I predict that as long as the current regime exists in Washington, he never will.)

The racist cartoon and the old Kabyle myth in post-colonial Algeria

For the past week I’ve been digging up (NOT digging) shitty old racist cartoons from the 30s and 40s–junk like COAL BLACK AN’ DE SEBBEN DWARFS, ALL THIS AND RABBIT STEW and others. One thing I’ve noticed is that French racist caricatures of Algerians (and even sub-Saharan Africans) pales in comparison to the absolute viciousness of the American ones. This is saying something, because anybody who’s seen that silly crypto-Nazi rag Charlie Hebdo (or anything by racist French cartoonists both past and present) knows that the French racist can hold his own in the graphic arts. (French racist writing, on the other hand, is another matter altogether. Even Jim Goad’s proto-alt-right bullshit is no match for the utter racist vitriol of one Louis-Ferdinand Celine. But then again, white Americans have never really been very good at intellectual pursuits, anyway.)

All of this reminds me: I need to put out another Kaf’s Toons. Possibly a series of cartoons documenting the high times under Donald McRonald, and preferably in a book. But I definitely have a few ideas in mind. P.S. Fuck Bob Clampett, fuck Walter Lantz, fuck Jizz Freleng (even though his Pink Panther cartoons were pretty funny), fuck Charlie Hebdo and fuck this Algerian cac-lover. And once again, fuck Jim Goad.

Why Didn’t Anyone Else Think of That?

First off, a word or two about Earl Simmons.

He died about a month ago–I think it was a month. I’m not so sure. To be brutally honest, he’d never done much of value when he was alive, unless its value was completely in the negative. Earl was simply one of those lumpen-thug assholes who got Black America into the cultural cesspool that it’s in today. He was a poor man’s Tupac who spent his entire career upholding shitty stereotypes of Black men–namely, the drug-addled buffoon and Big, Burly Negro.

So, good riddance. Actually, it is rather sad that Earl died but he had to die in order to destroy DMX. He is not the topic of discussion anyway, but we can segue from DMX’s fraudulent con-art into the subject of “struggling.”

All his life this sad individual had been struggling not only with drugs, but (like Tupac) with the phony images of Black “masculinity,” Black “authenticity” and Black “culture”–images which he himself helped to reinforce. Sadly, Earl Simmons had built his entire self-image on these fake images. Earl Simmons was not a “nigger,” but he thought he was a “nigger”–hence, his wasted life and pathetic death. Too many Black men still see him as representative of an uncompromising Blackness. I’m not going to waste my energy explaining why all of this is absolute garbage. Re-read earlier posts I have made on the subject of this useless monkey culture, or if you feel insulted/triggered by everything I’ve said so far about “rap” and the late and unlamented DMX, listen to Eric Grimes’s take on it.

That is why I don’t give a shit about DMX. His “Blackness” was not organic; it was created by the same racist corporate white “Amerikkka” that you cats keep on shrieking about every hour of the fucking day. The same racist corporate white “Amerikkka” that you “struggle” against every hour of the fucking day (even as you put money in their pockets and seek out posh residences in their spaces–yes, I’m talking to you, Patrisse Cullors of fucking Los Angeles!!).

Baldwin addicts (there are a lot of them these days) please take note when he says that:

My own point of view, speaking out of black America, when I had to try to answer that stigma, that species of social curse, it seemed a great mistake to answer in the language of the oppressor. As long as I react as a “nigger,” as long as I protest my case on evidence of assumptions held by others, I’m simply reinforcing those assumptions. As long as I complain about being oppressed, the oppressor is in consolation of knowing that I know my place, so to speak.

Not only did Earl Simmons know his place in Cackistan, but so does “Black Lives Matter,” Incorporated.

A few nights ago I was listening to “House Hunters,” an episode of Champagne Sharks featuring “Trevor, Vida, Ken and Mario.” Somewhere around the thirty minute mark, Vida dropped a small ideological bomb when she explained why she left a so-called “revolutionary” group. Why? “Because,” she said, “they were rooted in struggle and not in progress.”


Who can improve upon this statement?

Furthermore, why didn’t I think of that? Hell, why didn’t anyone else?

It’s important to keep Vida’s statement in mind when regarding this huge rainbow of colorful, loud, impotent and empty “left” or “woke” movements. They are like weeds sprouting through the cracks of American neoliberalism. The vast majority of these movements are predicated around the same old tired theme of “struggle.” The word has such a powerful ring to it that when one hears that usual phrase “in the struggle,” very often one forgets exactly what a “struggle” really means.

Most importantly people have forgotten the whole purpose of a struggle: to move forward at all costs. Struggling is not an end in itself–not even for Trotskyites!!

I would also like to add that (and I didn’t hear part two of the podcast) “struggle” in and of itself has become a global cottage industry. In the United States, it has been for some time. Also the very term “struggle” has all but lost its original meaning. In Vietnam (as opposed to the USA) the “struggle” was an armed one, for the most part–like in Algeria, in Angola, in Cuba and today in certain parts of the Philippines, certain parts of Mexico, India, Israel-Palestine and other places. In the United States and other first world countries, “struggle” is a byword for hollow slogans, pasting up loud and empty posters (like, for instance, here in Berlin), wearing funky clothes, screaming obscenities at cops, etc.

In fact the First World Corporate Left has all but robbed the word “struggle” of any true meaning. George Soros and other corporate entities (such as Nestle) bankroll Black Lives Matter and in the process, they piss off professional Nazis the world over. This does not mean that Nestle is our friend. We should know damn well that these palm oil titans are not the sons of liberty–not when they are utilizing slave labor and destroying rain forests worldwide. This corporate-sponsored “struggle industry,” this Struggle-Industrial Complex, is simply a way of defusing righteous anger, a way of channeling mass discontent away from neoliberal hypernormalization and into online flippancy (re, the so-called “woke” and cancel cultures). BLM has long since exposed itself as a snob-ridden clique of uppity queens. They have succeeded brilliantly in using their homosexuality to guilt-trip/patronize those they feel are beneath them–and as alibis to maximize their own personal fortunes at the expense of their gullible and (quite possibly) somewhat ignorant followers.

That last has to be said, in order to emphasize how (for some people) being gay, black, transgender, a female, a Jew or a Muslim or Asian can be windows of opportunity for amoral and unprincipled assholes. Certain White supremacists have been doing this since the founding of the State of Israel–as if being Jewish gives one an alibi to be a flaming Breitbart. (Sheriff David Cl(d)ark(i)e pulls this same bullshit on behalf of the reactionary, bourgeois colored.)

But the gullible are equally guilty for falling for the same old political con. There is simply no excuse anymore for certain Black people to continue to be as ignorant of such things (and for the same reasons they patronize stores that treat them like shit). Apparently millions of African Americans have learned absolutely nothing since the end of the Black Power Era. Many never will, because they don’t care to; the will to change is just not there. That’s one major reason why the so-called “struggle-industrial complex” actually exists.

On a side note: why on earth are people still giving “Doctor” Umar (Shoemake) Johnson their fucking money? Ten years and counting and this coked-out walrus has yet to produce this “academy” he has been hyping for that time. He has spent a good deal of his time screaming at other assorted crackpots, ex-pimps, hotep-hustlers and the like, and all the silly drama/shenanigans is (again) lining his…

(On second thought, given his character, he’s probably better off (and we are definitely better off) just selling pipe dreams to gullible believers in pork-chop nationalism. Nobody really needs to have Mr. “Sniffles” Shoemake teaching anybody’s fucking kids–let alone some macho, misguided and reactionary cult-nat* bullshit.)


*For millennials who don’t know what a “cult-nat” or a “pork-chop nationalist”** is, it’s the same as a hotep. Gen-Xers like myself (I was born in 1967) used the term in the late eighties to describe “hoteps.” Likewise, “pork-chop nationalist” was used by the Black Panthers in a previous generation to describe the “hoteps” of their era (c.1965-c.1975)

**Interesting side note. After writing these lines, I just realized I had eaten pork-chops for dinner. However, this does not make me a reactionary nationalist.

Anti-Asian Racism: America Backsliding into “Yellow Peril” Bullshit in the 21st Century

Many people with brains are shocked at how Asians went from being the “model minority” one year to being moving targets the next. I’m not. Even as a kid I was well aware of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two as well as Chinese Exclusion Acts and the late 19th Century massacres of Chinese Americans, of which (until very recently) virtually nobody in America wanted to discuss in a public forum. Other incidents–such as the Watsonville Riot of 1930 and the Bellingham Riots of 1907 (against Filipinos and South Asians, respectvely)–I’m just becoming aware of.

This whole Asian “model minority” myth was precisely that: a myth. That’s a very banal way of putting it, but what else can be said? Asian-Americans became a “model minority” only recently–well after World War Two, and after the Civil Rights Movement began to destroy that other “model minority”–the old-fashioned, humorous, humble “Southern Darky”–in the eyes of mainstream white America. Prior to World War Two, the average Asian American was perceived as a social menace by his mere existence. Economically, he was not much better off than the average African or Latino-American, and was further down the social-economic totem pole than he was on the cusp of the so-called Reagan Revolution. In fact “in 1960, Asian American men, who were born and raised in the United States, had much lower earnings than white Americans with similar years of schooling and experience”(Duleep and Sanders, The Economic Status of Asian Americans Before and After the Civil Rights Act).

Asian Americans became the “model minority” of post-1965 America as long as they toed the line (the thin white line) and accepted (or pretended to accept) the white American system of reality. Asians were considered “acceptable” as long as they voted Republican, were “hard workers” (read: hard at work reinforcing white American hegemony) and kept their heads down (read: being passive and “not complaining” about their lot, the same way those pesky nigs and PRs (Puerto Ricans) keep on doing in New York and elsewhere). Asians appeared—publicly, anyway—to accept their own double consciousness or at the very least, projected their own racial anxieties onto racial groups “beneath” them. Radical activists such as Yuri Kochiyama, and groups such as the Asian-American Political Alliance (which coined the term “Asian-American” as opposed to “Oriental,” which was another version of “Negro” or “colored”), “I Wor Kuen” or the Red Guard Party existed, but generally not commonplace.

When Soon Ja Du shot up Latasha Harlins (over a bottle of juice) or when Peter Liang defended himself by shooting up Akai Gurley, well—white America found all that perfectly acceptable. Why wouldn’t a hard-working, go-getting American defend him or herself against “Negroes”? (On the other hand Mohammed Noor shooting Justine Damond in Minneapolis was not: Noor was still a youknowwhat.)

(Below: a threatening letter written in 1930, from the Watsonville Riot; right: another threatening letter written this year)

The hollowness of the whole “model minority” myth was made evident after the COVID-19 epidemic. That COVID-19’s spread in the United States is primarily the fault of lazy whites who refuse to put on masks (as well as the Trump regime’s refusal to deal with the reality of COVID-19) mattered little. As usual. The epidemic became a clever alibi to attack Asians regardless of nationality. For whites, of course, the hidden alibi was Asian-Americans questioning their status on the American totem pole.

For the African-American and Latino-American, however, the alibi to beat up on Asians was slightly different. Blacks were and are knee-jerk reacting against Asian anti-Black racism (endemic in Asian-owned restaurants, nail salons, shopping centers and Asian-American minds/spaces in general). But when I see clips of Blacks terrorizing Asians they often look to me like a bunch of black-faced rednecks, pantomiming the same honky-shines they see in their Asian-American counterpart. In one of the most recent incidents, a middle-aged negro screeches at an Asian woman who tells him to put on a mask. “Smile for this, Chink!” the negro snarls, as he flips her the bird.

Alas, with incidents like the one above, the white mainstream media has decided (once again) to make Afro-Americans the face of anti-Asian racism. Note how in the above incident, the perpetrator’s face (as in several other incidents) was made public immediately. White liberals, who are no better than their conservative counterparts at the end of the day, did not mind (in their obscene hypocrisy) using their Asian tokens to call out African Americans and our supposed “hatred of Asians.” Yes, there are plenty of Afro-Americans who despise Asian-Americans; one sadly sees this playing out in the streets of North America every day; the above examples (including this most recent brouhaha) speak for themselves. But to paraphrase James Baldwin, in all seriousness, Black Americans are anti-Asian because they are anti-white; they rightfully perceive Asianness as being in closer social, economic and cultural proximity to whiteness, and as a result, they generally are–at the very least–as deeply suspicious of Asian-Americans as they are of anybody who isn’t, to them, recognizably Black. (The last emphasized statement is important, because many Black faces aren’t trusted, especially if they are foreign or of a lighter hue.)

#ADOS Dickhead Dwayne Grayson, February 28, 2020, after attacking an Asian man for kicks

All of which, of course, is not to excuse this New Black Fascism. Whether black-faced MAGATs or drunken hoteps, collectively it’s just reactionary black (bourgie) nationalism carried to its natural extreme. Nationalism begetting ultra-nationalism begetting chauvinism begetting bigotry begetting–fascism. Black fascists have taken the inherent (and sadly justifiable) paranoia of mainstream Black America and fashioned a new identity out of it, calling themselves #FBA (if they are on Papa Tariq’s side) or #ADOS (if they are on Quisling Carnell’s side) and other things. Since these clowns are more or less as racist as their reactionary, petty-bourgeois, Trump-supporting (or Hillary/Sanders/Biden-supporting) Asian counterparts, one should not be surprised to find them riding the crest of the Yellow Peril 2.0 wave. (Three decades ago, these same petit-bourgie coloreds were riding an anti-Semitic/anti-Korean wave with the same emotional lack of nuance, reacting to the same ugly responses from their equally fascist Jewish and Korean counterparts.)

The Biden Administration–in contrast to Trump dragging his paws last year–has been quick to step up to the plate and lobby for “anti-racist legislation.” But to be honest, the swiftness of Biden’s response to these racist attacks on Asians is because Asians, frankly, are much higher on the American totem pole–meaning, they are considered more acceptable to the white world than Blacks, and share ethnicity with nations that are either world powers or on the verge of becoming world powers. If it had been Senegalese, Haitians, Papuans (or Native Americans) being beaten up in New York or San Francisco, nobody would have given a shit.

Yet on second thought, neither white liberals nor white conservatives–to say nothing of white fascists–really give a shit about what is happening to Asian-Americans. After 21-year old incel Robert Aaron Long, white, Christian and sexually confused, murdered six Asian women in suburban Atlanta (plus two others), his massacre was lamely excused as a result of Long’s having had “a bad day.” (Equally lame excuses have been used to justify many other white moral failures, including the Charlottesville incident of 2017, the Dylan Roof Shooting and naturally the Capitol Insurrection of 2021.)

One of too many anti-Chinese cartoons of the 1880s

Michelle Malkin, who (all appearances notwithstanding) is really white, lay all the blame for these attacks (in her usual crude, clownish and stupid way) on “thugs of color“–niggers, of course. Please note that this is the same goofy bitch who has been the valve on the shrillest trumpets of pro-white bullshit for the past quarter-century. Michelle Malkin, who blamed the internment of Japanese-Americans on the Nisei themselves; Michelle Malkin, who goosesteps with the goddamn Groyper Army–recently exposed by the ADL as being a “white supremacist, anti-Semitic” organization, and whose own extreme right views essentially make her an enabler of domestic terrorism. (Years ago Margaret Cho, comedian and social commentator, felt compelled to come to her “defense”–if only to point out that Asian-Americans can be just as reactionary as coloreds like Thomas Sowell, Condoleeza Rice, Jesse Lee Petersen or the grandaddy of them all, Lawrence Dennis, the man whom Life magazine called in 1941 “America’s No. 1 Intellectual Fascist.”)

This kind of lunacy is equally common on the pseudo-left wing spectrum as well–especially in hip-hop. As Andrew R. Chow pointed out in an article three years ago, “Black and Asian artists too often use hip-hop to reduce each other into stereotypes at a time when genuine solidarity is needed more than ever.”

Han Fascist-Chauvinist Fuckery from Weibo…assuming the translations are correct.

“I love the Orientals,” spouted one of these toothless old white ethnics,* presumably some Italian guy who had hated “mulignans” his entire life–why, he probably didn’t want to know. He “loved” the “Orientals” because he saw them (the Chinese, of course) as one big race of Uncle Toms. “Moulies” and “spics” were a threat, no matter how hard-working, Republican or bourgeois. One can rest assured that during World War Two, this same fool was probably running through the jungles of Burma after the “Japs” (or were the “Japs” coming after him??). Today his junkie grandson is running through the jungles of New Jersey, Washington state, Oregon, or some other God-forsaken hole shrieking his white ass off about “China virus!” and “Fuck China” and all that other rubbish. In fact, one should not be surprised to find his grandfather right there with him, brandishing an axe-handle or a machete, screaming about “fucking Asians.”

Don’t even ask why such things happen. The answer is obvious. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the COVID-19 crisis, because as one can plainly see, “Yellow Peril” hysteria dates back at least 150 years. In fact possibly thousands of Chinese were massacred in the United States between 1870 and 1900. The official tally naturally is much lower, but sadly this is a universal phenomenon: when an oppressor massacres an oppressed group, one of the first things they do after the massacre is cover up shit, play down numbers, sweep embarrassing incidents and outrages under the historical rug. In my opinion the number of Asians (mostly Chinese) massacred between 1870 and 1900 is as high as the number of African Americans officially lynched between 1880 and 1950. (I said officially lynched. The true numbers are far higher, as they almost always are in these instances.) American “Yellow Perilism” was so intense that it even infected people north and south of its borders: for instance, the Torreon Massacre of 1911, in which over 300 Chinese were butchered at the hands of lynch mobs, occurred not in benighted Jim Crow America but more “tolerant” Mexico.

“Little Chink, what are you buying?”–two birds with one stone

This might sound far-fetched, but in my view one of the real reasons why Asian-Americans are being attacked–other than emotional fallout from COVID-19 quarantining, and an irrational fear of Chinese World Domination–is because in the past 15-20 years, a younger generation of Asians has emerged that is considerably more outspoken about American racism, and far more willing to call out the hypocrisy of white Americans calling them a “model minority” while at the same time hypersexualizing Asian girls (the more boyish the better), projecting onto Asian women their own unresolved conflicts with white American women.

The young, conscious Asian is no fool. He (or she) clearly sees that “Model Minority” and “Yellow Peril” are two sides of the same coin, one that’s being flipped all too easily. The conscious Asian sees “Yellow Fever” as being a symptom of “Yellow Perilism” just as he can now see that Negrophobia can’t exist without Aunt Jemima, or to be more precise, Cardi B and Candace Owens. (Again, two more sides…of a Cadbury Easter coin.) The conscious Asian can and will say something about the sorry state of affairs of his country, regardless of how ambivalent he might be towards other non-whites, particularly Blacks. However, everyone still assumes that no matter how indignant, even furious, young Asians get about the shitty state of affairs in the United States, they are less inclined to violently fight back against racist attacks than any other persecuted “minority” group.

*Johnathan Rieder, Canarsie: The Jews and Italians of Brookyln Against Liberalism, Harvard University Press, 1985